This month, Texas woman Danielle Pierce took to TikTok to document her journey of going without alcohol for three weeks running.

The video has gathered over half a million views as the 24 year-old showed followers the impact that cutting out alcohol has had on her body and mental wellbeing.

Danielle told Newsweek that the lifestyle change has left her feeling the happiest she has ever been, and wished that she had noticed sooner that she “was not excelling” in her personal life “due to drinking culture.”

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

Texas woman documents alcohol free journey on TikTok

In June, 24 year-old Danielle Pierce set off on a journey to cut alcohol out of her life for three weeks, and decided to share her mission on TikTok.

The video showing her progress has been viewed by over half a million people, and her comment section is flooded by people she has inspired.

Danielle told Newsweek that she would spend around $114 a week on alcohol. She said: “I decided to cut out alcohol after having gut/stomach issues. I was starting an elimination diet to figure out what foods I was intolerant to, and I figured I might as well cut out alcohol too.”

Danielle explained that her parents, who have been sober since January, “were a huge inspiration and source of encouragement,” and that she stopped “cold turkey” because she knew that “a reset” was needed.

What 3 weeks without alcohol does to your body

Ever since setting off on her alcohol- free journey, Danielle has noticed a world of change. She opened up, stating that her stomach issues “are gone,” her skin is “the best it’s ever been” and her “sleep patterns have improved,” now she is no longer reliant on nightly glasses of wine to fall asleep.

Danielle also noticed the impact it has had on her mental health, stating:

“I think the biggest thing I noticed is my social anxiety decreased and my overall happiness has increased. When I drank I would get so anxious around people and would be a recluse, not talk to anyone at all. So overall, my mental health has improved immensely.”

In the original TikTok, Danielle told followers that she had lost 15lbs and lost two inches on her hips and waist area.

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