Too Hot To Handle’s Peter raved about being a TikTok star in the first episode, but what is his username?

Netflix’s hit dating competition Too Hot To Handle is officially back for Season 2, with the first four episodes dropping yesterday.

The ten-episode series sends a mixture of sexed-up singletons into a luxury villa in Turks and Caicos to try and win $100,000, but to win the money, they must refrain from any type of sexual contact.

One of this season’s contestants is Peter Vigilante, who was quick to tell his castmates about his thriving TikTok page.

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

Who is Peter from ‘Too Hot To Handle’?

Peter is a 21-year-old personal trainer from Staten Island, New York.

As well as his full-time fitness career, Peter is also a social media influencer, with profiles on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, OnlyFans and more.

“Once you’ve got the following I’ve got – 100, 200 girls DM’ing you a day – and it’s really just like oh my god there’s so many I don’t know what to do,” he said on Episode 1 of Too Hot To Handle.

Oh Peter, what a horrible problem to have.

Netflix Media – Too Hot To Handle

What is his TikTok?

Within the first few seconds of meeting his castmates, Peter was already telling them about his budding TikTok career.

The personal trainer boasts 2.2 million followers and 61 million likes on his profile @peter_vigilante.

He mostly posts fitness videos, comedy skits, challenges and dances. Oh, and thirst traps, as he joked in Episode 1 of Too Hot To Handle.

“I’m from Staten Island, New York. I’m a personal trainer, I’m an influencer on TikTok… I do thirst traps, and dance,” he said before showing off some of his moves.

In his opening video, he said: “I post a lot of different kinds of videos on TikTok. I think people just love seeing a dude with abs hop on a pole and spin,” he said.

We’ll let you peruse Peter’s TikTok and decide that one by yourself.


Your third @ has to let you use their pool all summer !!!!

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You can follow him on Instagram too

Peter certainly wasn’t lying about his influencer status, as he’s actually pretty big on Instagram too.

He has 100,000 followers on his account @peter_vigilante where he loves to show off his abs and fitness routines. He’s literally topless in every photo!

Plus, he also has YouTube (Peter Vigilante), Snapchat (petevigi) , Twitter (@petevigilante), Cameo (petervigilante) and OnlyFans (@petervigilante).

He really is quite the social media star!

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