Tinder has come up with a new quiz-like feature called ‘Tinder Fast Chat,’ and users cannot stop talking about it on Twitter!

Over the years, Tinder has managed to pull several single people into its platform, and to date, the app is considered to be one of the best. Keeping this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the platform is trying different features to ensure its users get the best outcome.

What is Tinder Fast Chat?

Tinder Fast Chat is a new feature in the app that allows people to easily connect with like-minded people.

The description for it reads: “Join your matches on a live chat and break the ice now.” When you click on the Fast Chat option, Tinder will ask you a couple of questions.

These questions are meant to help you find people who have a similar interest as you. Once done, Tinder will automatically match you with someone who shared similar answers.

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However, unlike your usual Tinder chat, this will be a blind chat. This allows people to talk freely and get to know the person before making a decision. The picture of the other person will automatically appear after some time.

Once the time is up, you have the option of choosing to match or reject the person you were taking to.

Twitter reacts to new quiz-like feature

Several users have taken to Twitter to express their thoughts on the new feature. It seems like many people are liking the new way of chatting. One user wrote: “@Tinder if you don’t keep fast chat Imma be pissed. I’ve had more conversations with people tonight than I think I ever have before on your app.”

Another added: “Tinder fast chat is the greatest thing to ever happen to tinder lmao. That feature needs to be permanent.” “ok, @Tinder Fast Chat needs to stick around, I’ve actually TALKED to more people in the last hour than I have in months,” another added.

“@Tinder this fast chat stuff is great n hilarious. please keep it n add more questions,” wrote another user.

More features to be added on Tinder in future

As per Mirror, Tinder has been planning on bringing new features to the app by creating a new Explore section on the app. This is set to be launched later this summer.

At the moment, it is unclear if the Fast Chat feature will be a permanent one. However, it is quite similar to the ‘Hot Takes’ feature that is described by Tinder’s chief executive, Jim Lanzone, in the interview. The feature, which will run daily from 6 pm until midnight upon release.

It is possible the Fast Chat feature is just a beta version of Hot Takes. Apart from this, the new features that are expected to come include adding videos to profiles, a space to discover people with similar interest, and others.

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