A message that says ‘recently used dating’ is appearing on the Facebook app this week, but what does it mean?

Gone are the days when Facebook was just a site where you can chat to your friends.

You can do everything on the social media platform platform now. From shopping to reading news, finding jobs to selling your unwanted goods, you’ll find just about everything on there.

One of the newest features Facebook has added is dating, but it’s left lots of people very confused.

Facebook – Take On Lifting Each Other Up

Facebook – Take On Lifting Each Other Up

What does ‘recently used dating’ mean?

  • If Facebook tells you that someone has ‘recently used dating’, it means that they have used Facebook’s dating feature within the past few days.

The message appears on your news feed and lists all the people on your friends list who have used Facebook Dating recently.

So, what is Facebook Dating?

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What is Facebook dating?

If you were confused by the ‘recently used dating’ message, then it means you’re not familiar with Facebook dating.

In September 2019, Facebook launched its own dating feature. It’s like any other dating site or app, think Tinder or Match.com, but it’s all done through Facebook.

Like Tinder, you can match with people within a 100km range and filter results based on location, children, religion, age, height and more.

There’s no web version, and you can only access is through the Facebook app on iOS or Android.

The app wasn’t launched in Europe until October 2020, and it’s suddenly become a lot more popular in 2021.

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How to join Facebook Dating

If you want to join Facebook Dating, follow these steps…

  • Open the Facebook App.
  • Tap the three lines in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Press ‘Dating’.
  • Click ‘Get Started’.
  • Create your dating profile.

But remember, Facebook will notify others when you’ve recently used the dating feature!

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