Italian TV presenter Paola Ferrari accidentally went viral after a Sharon Stone-esque leg-crossing incident.

The 60-year-old spoke out to put rumours to rest.

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Who is Paola Ferrari?

Born and raised in Milan, Ferrari is a 60-year-old Italian journalist and TV presenter, currently covering Euro 2020 content.

Paola is pretty well-recognised in Italy – even appearing on an Italian version of Dancing with the Stars back in 2005, before later returning as a judge.

Ferrari tied the knot with head of The Carlyle Group, Marco De Benedetti, back in 1997 and the couple share two children together.

The presenter saw herself on the cover of Vanity Fair in early 2020, though most recently, Paola has been receiving a lot more news coverage after going viral for a ‘Basic Instinct’ incident.

Why did the Euro 2020 presenter go viral?

As mentioned, the 60-year-old is well known in Italy, but is now globally recognisable thanks to viral footage of the presenter.

Appearing on air with crossed-legs, Ferrari switched legs at some point, leaving some viewers thinking that she had gone commando.

Paola Ferrari was immediate to debunk these rumours, stating: “The viral video seems a bit exaggerated. I presented two evenings WITH pants.”

Twitter likens Italian TV presenter to Sharon Stone

Following the viral footage, viewers took to Twitter to liken Ferrari to Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’.

In the film, Stone’s iconic scene sees her cross-legged without underwear. Ferrari commented: “It’s a bit of a stretch, as she is one of the sexiest women in the world. Sharon Stone was not wearing underwear in that scene. I, on the other hand, prefer to protect health and hygiene.”

Paola further added: “It has gone viral, they are using more VAR (for this incident) than on the field at the European Championships.”

“It happened but it’s nothing serious.”

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