US Olympic Athlete and BMX biker Chelsea Wolfe who has qualified as an alternate to represent America at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics has threatened to burn the US Flag.

The games are set to start on in July, 2021 and last till September.

Recently the transgender athlete Chelsea has got many people talking about a Facebook post she had made earlier last year. Expressing her frustration about a decision made by the Trump Administration’s she claimed that she would burn the US flag in Tokyo Olympics.

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Who is Chelsea Wolfe?

Chelsea is a transgender athlete who is also a professional freestyle BMX biker. As mentioned earlier she has qualified as an alternate for Team USA’s BMX freestyle event at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The 28-year-old Olympic athlete is a Florida native. She started BMX racing at just 6 years of age.

From her Instagram, we know that Chelse is a Political Science graduate. She is currently the number 3 choice for competing in the BMX riding event.

Given that she has been picked as the alternative, she will get the go-ahead to compete in the Olympics if her qualifying teammates, Hannah Roberts and Perris Benegas, can’t give it a go for some reason.

Beaming with pride the cyclist shared the news with her close to 8,000 Instagram followers on June 13. “It’s taking a bit to fully register that after so many years of work we finally have the @teamusa BMX freestyle squad for the @olympics and that after so much work and overcoming so many obstacles that I’ve qualified to represent the United States as the alternate rider,” she said.

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Athlete’s Facebook post explored

The BMX rider posted on her Facebook last year on March 25 saying, “My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium.”

Chelsea’s harsh words were aimed at Trump Administration’s declaration claiming, “it believes trans girls should be treated as ‘biological males’.”

An aggravated Chelsea wrote, “this is what they focus on during a pandemic. Hurting trans children.” She had posted a link to a PinkNews story about the Trump administration’s stand on transgender girls in female athletics.

At the time the post caused some tremors on the internet following which she deleted it.

However, in her recent interview with Fox News, she explains what she meant by wanting to burn the US Flag.

Chelsea says, “Anyone who thinks that I don’t care about the United States is sorely mistaken.”

She further explained that she respects her country’s morals and values, but the Facebook post was her attempt to take a stand against fascism. She further said, “because I care about this country and I’m not going to let it fall into the hands of fascists.”

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When will the Tokyo Olympics be held?

The raging COVID-19 pandemic had forced authorities to shut the curtains on the 2020 Olympics before they began. However, this year the event is scheduled to start on July 23 and last till August 8. The Paralympic Games would be held between August 24 and September 5.

The Olympics will feature 33 competitions and 339 events. The events will be held across 42 venues in Japan. The succeeding Paralympics will feature 539 events, across 22 sports, held at 21 venues.

However, one thing to note is that most of the events will be held in Greater Tokyo area.

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