Paul Rudd gatecrashed Bill Hader’s interview, where they both revealed a story of an Ed Burns sketch that never saw airtime.

Rudd disclosed: “We did it in dress (rehearsal) and it didn’t get one laugh.”

What happened during Bill Hader’s interview?

Bill Hader sat down during a CONAN interview, where he was asked: “was there ever a sketch at SNL that went so terribly wrong?”

Hader was immediate to reply, going on to detail the story of an Ed Burns sketch. Within a minute and a half of telling the anecdote, the interview was gatecrashed by actor Paul Rudd, who also took part in the ‘failed’ sketch.

Rudd told the audience that, although the SNL sketch never saw airtime, the dress rehearsal had been taped. Hilariously, instead of playing the sketch, a clip from the 1988 film Mac and Me was shown to the audience – this is something that Rudd has famously been doing since 2004!

What was the Ed Burns sketch that didn’t see airtime?

Bill Hader revealed that the unseen SNL sketch had seen both himself and Rudd act as Ed Burns whilst grilling meat.

Hader heightened the pitch of his voice to show off his impression of Burns, then disclosed that Rudd had “refused to do the voice” during the failed sketch. At this point, Rudd entered the interview to debunk this.

“How dare you,” Rudd joked, going on to say: “the reason the sketch didn’t work is because it was terrible.”

Continuing, the actor laughed: “We thought it was funny, but it was a construct that just did not fly.”

The sketch still remains unseen.

Fans react to Paul Rudd’s gatecrash

It seems as though fans thought highly of Paul Rudd’s cameo appearance during Hader’s interview. Many took to Twitter, with some even asking to watch the never-seen-before Ed Burns sketch.

One viewer tweeted: “I kinda want to see the Ed Burns Grill Boys sketch now.”

Another wrote: “the ageless wonder that is paul rudd has been trolling Conan for 25 years and we should all aspire to that level of commitment.”

Likewise, somebody else took to Twitter to write: “Gonna miss Paul Rudd shamelessly promoting Mack and me every time he’s on Conan.”

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