The Carters’ fandom has been startled by the latest claims of Trick Daddy, who shaded one of the most powerful couples in the entertainment business!

Jay Z and Beyoncé are about as close to American royalty as it gets, “Crazy in Love” for over two decades with three children, and with astonishing music careers.

The fans of the artistic couple are probably the most loyal and passionate ones in the music industry, and whoever comes against the duo’s dynamic gets on the red list.

Trick Daddy disses the Carters for their talent

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The 46-year-old American rapper from Florida has shared a rather controversial opinion on Jay Z and Beyoncé.

During a recent chat on Clubhouse, Trick Daddy claimed that “Beyonce can’t sing” and that “Jay-Z never won the greatest rapper alive. Who put him on a level like that?”

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While the hip-hop artist is known for being outspoken, shading the music superstar Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and rap legend Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, was a wrong move.

Twitter reacts to “Beyoncé can’t sing”

As soon as the clip of Tricky Daddy dissing the Carters when viral on social media, Twitter users came in defence of the couple.

One wrote: “the beyhive will sting you! Leave Beyoncé alone!” while another one tweeted: “When the last time trick daddy was relevant!!!??? Not Beyoncé that’s the wrong one.”

The Internet is mad at Trick Daddy and while he’s trending on Twitter, it’s not because of a positive reason.

The fandom of the couple has been tweeting and creating memes about the matter ever since the “Beyonce can’t sing” clip surfaced, and they won’t seem to stop anytime soon.

Here are some of the funniest memes that Twitter users made reacting to the “Beyoncé can’t sing” statement.

Beyhive goes against the 46-year-old rapper

Beyhive, the fanbase of Queen B, won’t let anyone question the talent of the female artist with the most Grammy Awards in the history of music.

While the posts on Twitter continue strong, supporting the “Single Ladies” singer, fans have taken over Tricky Daddy’s Instagram, commenting under all of his posts bee emojis.

While the Carters haven’t commented on the issue, a beef between Trick Daddy and the fans of Jay Z and Beyoncé has definitely sparked online.

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