Movie trailers are a great way to entice film fans to check out upcoming releases but it can sometimes backfire if the trailer in question is poorly received.

An upcoming horror-thriller by the name of Karen is currently the talk of Twitter after its recently released trailer has divided the opinion of film fans.

Karen Movie Teaser/Trailer

Karen Movie Teaser/Trailer

Karen movie 2021: Trailer and plot

A final release date for Karen has yet to be announced but the movie’s first full trailer was unveiled on June 17th, 2021.

Written and directed by Coke Daniels, the film tells the story of a black couple, Malik and Imani, who move to a new house on a middle-class suburban street.

They are greeted by their seemingly unassuming neighbour, Karen, but it doesn’t take long for them to realise that she is far more threatening than they first believe.

The premise of the film plays heavily on its title character and how the name “Karen” is sometimes used as a pejorative term to describe entitled white women.

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Karen’s cast

Starring as Karen’s titular character is Taryn Manning of Orange Is the New Black and Sons of Anarchy.

She is joined in the film’s main cast by Cory Hardrict (Gran Torino, American Sniper and SWAT) and Jasmine Burke (Star, Saints & Sinners and The Secret Life of Bees) who take on the roles of young couple Malik and Imani respectively.

Also appearing in minor roles in the film are Gregory Alan Williams (Remember the Titans, Chicago Med), Dawn Halfkenny (Saints & Sinner), Brandon Sklenar (Mapplethorpe, Vice), Roger Dorman (Wander) and Hunter Bodine (Starship Troopers, The Rich & the Ruthless).

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Twitter reacts to Karen trailer

It’s safe to say that the reaction to Karen‘s trailer has been somewhat mixed with many on Twitter unfavourably comparing the movie to Jordan Peele’s films (Get Out and Us) and even an SNL sketch.

One Twitter user simply wrote: “This looks terrible btw. Hollywood is doomed”

While another added: “What Jordan peele “get out” snl skit nonsense is this?? No one asked for a movie about a murderous Karen”

This Twitter user wasn’t pleased to see the film being compared to Jordan Peele, saying: “Seeing Jordan Peele’s name mentioned in any context with that Karen movie seems like slander.”

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And this commenter drew particular attention to one scene in the trailer: “Okay the scene where they find confederate flag soap is the funniest scene in any movie released in 2021. Karen’s a gift for all of us.”

Even notable right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro drew attention to the film, tweeting: “We found it: the worst trailer in the history of film”

However, not everyone was critical of the film as this fan pointed out: “I lowkey want to see this movie 🙃”

While this Twitter user joked: “i hope this turns into a 12 movie series. Karen in Space, Karen Goes to Hell, Karen in Manhattan, Karen: H20”

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The Karen movie is expected to arrive in 2021 but no exact release date has been announced at the time of writing.

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