Who is Huening Kai’s dad, Nabil David Huening? K-Pop superstar’s family explored

Mafalda Costa

Who is Huening Kai’s dad, Nabil David Huening? As his popularity soars, fans are curious to know more about the K-Pop star’s heritage and family.

Who is the third member of TXT?

Kai Kamal Huening (휴닝카이), better known as Huening Kai, is a member of the South Korean K-Pop Boy group TXT, also known as TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

After three years of training, he was introduced as the third member of TXT in a teaser video on YouTube on 15 January 2019.

He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2002, making him 19 years old in 2021.

Kai is half-Korean from his mother’s side and half-German from his dad’s side, making him look slightly different to the other TXT members, and even causing some fans to second-guess his Asian heritage.

His international background explains how Kai is also able to speak four languages: Mandarin, Korean, English and Portuguese.

After moving to South Korea, Kai became Big Hit Entertainment’s first international artist.

Who is Huening Kai’s dad, Nabil David Huening?

The K-Pop idol has a rather interesting family background.

According to Kpopmag, Huening Kai’s dad, Nabil David Huening, was a celebrity in China before meeting and settling down with Huening Kai’s mother.

Although he’s of German heritage, Kai’s father was born in Brazil.

When he was four, his family left for Texas in the US. He then completed high school and left for Hong Kong at the age of 17 to learn and study Chinese.

After moving to China, Nabil Huening became a celebrity – and for ten years he was known for being a singer.

K-Pop star’s family explored

There isn’t a lot of information about Kai’s mother, but it is known he has two sisters: older sister Lea, and younger sister Bahiye.

Like her brother, Lea used to be an idol. She was a member of disbanded K-Pop group VIVA, which debuted in 2017.

According to KProfiles, Bahiye recently became a trainee at YG Entertainment.

Lea and Bahiye are both currently models.