Epic Games have added the O2 arena from miserable London into Fortnite, and they have also announced a start time for the upcoming Easy Life concert.

Virtual performances have been a part of the battle royale playground in the past with the literal biggest coming from Travis Scott. This was a crazy experience aching to a trip on mushrooms, and there will be another interactive musical adventure soon.

Although it can never beat being part of an actual physical live crowd, you will at least be able to visit the O2 without needing an umbrella.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 Battle Pass Trailer

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 Battle Pass Trailer

What is the O2 arena map code in Fortnite?

Epic Games’ Creative Island code for the O2 arena map in Fortnite is 2500-3882-9781.

If R&B isn’t your cup of tea and is less preferable to hearing the ‘oh no’ song from Tik Tok, there will be mini games, rides, and other attractions to enjoy. Epic Games describe it as a ‘full-on interactive experience where you’ll constantly be on the move,’ so at least it’ll be a visual spectacle if not a good one for the ears.

In addition to the above, you can also find signs displaying redemption codes for Squeezy Life Spray. These signs can be found in the O2 Blueroom, and you can redeem codes here.

What time does the Easy Life concert start in Fortnite?

The Easy Life concert will start in Fortnite at 12:30 PT, 15:30 ET, and 20:30 BST on June 24th at the O2 Arena.

Epic Games says that a portal will open up at the O2 Island at the above hours, and this will lead to a show performed by the UK rapper. You will also be able to access the show via playlist or from a featured portal in the Welcome Hub.

It will only last 20-minutes, and it will feature songs from the performer’s new album, Life’s a Beach.


The performance and show will be available until 16:00 PT and 19:00 ET on June 27th, as well as 00:00 BST on June 28th.

Even if an encore isn’t requested, its duration means you do not need to attend the event when it first starts. You will be able to witness the show at any time before it ends, and this means you’ll have plenty of time to get the UFOs & Aliens Lobby Track reward.

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