TikTok users are telling everyone to ‘leave Acrello alone’, but why? Here’s what’s going on.

As of January 2021, TikTok has a staggering 689 million global active users and ranks as the seventh most popular social network in the world.

It’s also available in over 200 countries and has an estimated valuation of $100 billion.

The stats speak for themself, and TikTok is obviously hugely popular around the world, but it also has a reputation for being the most confusing social media sites.

Trends often emerge on the Gen-Z app that to us millennials and older, simply don’t make sense at all.

This week, the ‘Leave Acrello Alone’ trend has been confusing everyone on TikTok. Who is Acrello? And what did he do?

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

Who is Acrello?

Acrello is a TikTok user with 4.8 million followers on his profile @acrello.

The 19-year-old from Lansing, Michigan, is known for his comedy and life hack videos.

He used to be active on Vine before moving over to TikTok, and he also used to upload videos on YouTube.

‘Leave Acrello Alone’ goes viral

Over the past few days, TikTok has been dominated with videos from people asking everyone to ‘leave Acrello alone’.

The trend consists of people continuously saying ‘leave @ Acrello alone’ over and over again, and hundreds of videos are taking over TikTok right now.

However, the trend has been confusing everyone, and people have been taking to Twitter to try and get some answers.

“Who tf is Acrello and why is TikTok telling me to leave him alone?” one person tweeted.

Another said: “Who is Acrello and whY are ppl on TikTok telling me to leAVE HIM ALONE?”

The ‘leave Acrello alone’ trend explained

We’ve done a little digging and found out why everyone is telling others to ‘leave Acrello alone’.

Acrello hasn’t actually done anything wrong. He made up the ‘inside joke’ himself to try and make it seem like he was being ‘cancelled’ and confuse everyone on TikTok.

Then, he put his account on private so that no one else would find out about the joke. Genius! His plan certainly worked, and everyone is really confused.


the “leave @acrello alone!!” joke explained… #acrello #leaveacrelloalone

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