Think you’re hot? Let an app be the judge of that. As if social media isn’t harsh on physical appearances enough, TikTok’s latest challenge ‘confirms’ your level of attractiveness, rating you out of ten.

This isn’t the first time the ‘shapeshifting’ feature has gone viral on TikTok. Previously, users utilised it to find out what ethnicity they would be categorised in a Soviet police identification chart.

The filter operates by finding the facial similarities between those on the chart and the user. Since everyone is always keen on how society views them, TikTok has taken it one step further by using the filter to see whether their features match the conventional attractiveness on the chosen image.

Whether you end up being a ten or a one, the legitimacy of the scale is still questionable since many people have been identified as being similar to the same model.

TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer

TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer

TikTok’s Attractive Scale explored

The Attractiveness Scale charts show levels one to ten, with images of celebrities as standards of hotness.

For the male scale, Ian Somerhalder and Tom Cruise are defined as the S tier of Hollywood’s men, while Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya is judged as a six.

Switching over to the female chart, models Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr are at a nine. That level is summarised as:

“extremely attractive – most people will agree she is hot or stunning. Virtually no facial feature ‘defects’, only variances which make a person look unique. High symmetrical. Two or more great body parts, and everything else is very nice. Perfect teeth. Hygiene is excellent.”

Who is the hottest women according to the chart, you ask? Amy Schumer. Just Amy Schumer. Clearly the creator of the scale is a fan, or perhaps it was the actress who made it.

The description for 9/10 is quite entertaining because apparently, TikTok’s ability to find resemblances between the faces also confirms that the user has ‘great body parts’ and excellent hygiene, even though they can’t see their body.


This is just adding fuel to my narcissistic personality🥰 #shapeshifter #attractivenessscale #MaxPlumpJump #pickme

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Is TikTok hot?

According to the results, a lot of participants are getting Adriana Lima as their celeb lookalike, even though the users look nothing like each other.

As one user put it, “That seems a bit sus…”

Another commenter debunked the result, claiming that: “Every white girl with black hair gets Adriana.”

This may be the case, but also, because the photo of the model is from a straight on angle with her hair back and no obstructions, it steers the filter into that result.

Obviously, not everyone is going to get Ryan Gosling or Adriana ratings. Those users are facing a ‘wake up call’ and basically having an existential crisis after realising they were ‘not hot’:

But if you do get easily affected by the internet, then stay away from the challenge, as advised by this tweeter:

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