The diverse South Korean drama has been a huge hit, with fans from all over the world watching it. Now everyone is wondering if the series will return.

So Not Worth It is a South Korean sitcom directed by Kwon Ik-joon and Kim Junk-sik and written by Seo Eun-jung and Baek Ji-hyun.

The premise follows a group of college students from all over the world, who live in the same dorms in Seoul. Watch the trailer below to recap on season 1! Please note: This article may contain spoilers.

So, will there be a renewal for So Not Worth It Season 2?

So Not Worth It | Official Trailer

So Not Worth It | Official Trailer

So Not Worth It Season 2: Renewal status

  • At the time of writing this article, So Not Worth It has not yet been renewed for Season 2. However, based on high reviews, we believe the series will return.

The series currently sits at 7.7/10 on IMDB and 7.9 on My Drama List. Based on the reviews and high demand for Season 2, which can be seen on Twitter, the series will likely be renewed by Netflix.

No official announcement has been made in regard to the series renewal status, at the time of writing this article. However, we do expect that Netflix will let fans know the status of the series in the coming months.

So Not Worth It Season 2: Release date predictions

As the series has not yet been renewed, there is no official release date for Season 2. Though, we are able to give a release date prediction based on the release of Season 1. We expect Season 2 will return in June 2021.

Production for Season 1 was announced in September 2020. The series debuted 9 months later on 18th June 2021. Provided the series is renewed in the coming months, we would expect an appropriate gap of a year between each season, with production beginning in September 2021 and following suit of Season 1.

Please note: This is a prediction. No official release date or details about season 2’s production have been released.

Plot predictions for season 2

Please note: This article may contain spoilers.

Not only are high reviews a reason for the series potential return but the end of Season 1 has left fans wanting to see more of the students, who live college life with their ups and downs.

Season 2 could potentially be set in the future, following the group from Season 1 into adult life and how they cope after college. Alternatively, we could see a new group of students as they navigate their way around college and romance. Hyun-min has had some poor luck throughout the series, which is about to get better when he wins the lottery. Until he drops his wallet. Season 2 might show him on the hunt for his fortune. While the other couples start their lives together.

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