Since Friday, June 18 the rant video featuring an Illinois man named Ty Smith is going viral on Twitter. Following his impassioned speech, many have labelled him as Candace Owens’ brother!

The video sees the man speaking about Critical Race Theory being taught to young children at school. It was captured in the Bloomington Public School area, District 87.

The Illinois man claimed at the start of his speech, “Critical Race Theory is pretty much teaching kids how to hate each other.” As he went on expressing his views on the subject, the audiences at the venue were cheering him on.

As the video went viral many Twitter users labelled him as conservative author Candace’s brother.

Who is Ty Smith?

Ty Smith is a conservative radio host from the Bloomington, Illinois station Cities 929. His viral speech on Twitter surfaced on June 18, but the impassioned speech against Critical Race Theory was given at the June 9 meeting of District 87 of Bloomington Public Schools.

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CRT is not taught in the school district yet, but many activists flocked to the early June meeting to speak up against the idea of introducing it.

Aside from being a radio host, the Illinois native also runs a YouTube channel named Modern Renaissance Man with over 100,000 subscribers. Following his sensational speech at Illinois’ district 87 school meeting, he was featured on Newsmax and Fox news channel.

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His YouTube videos have a wide range, from discussing hard-hitting issues to posting light-hearted content like reacting to Rag ‘n’ Bone Man’s Human.

Ty’s channel has reportedly received over 58 million views and also features some DIY videos, Marriage counselling, relationship discussions, videos and etc.

His Cities 92.9 bio reveals that his show is entitled ‘Cancel This with Ty Smith.’ It also states that Ty grew up in the tough neighbourhoods of Decatur, Illinois. His media messages are meant for disadvantaged and struggling people.

Ty is reportedly also a father of two teenage children.

Does Candace Owens have any siblings?

  • The conservative author has three siblings.

Little is known about her family aside from her husband George Farmer and her newborn son.

Ty’s zealous speech made many label him as political commentator Candace’s brother. As the video began to catch on many began sleuthing out more details about him.

Finally, some discovered that Ty had posted two pictures with the activist on his social media. Both these pics date back to October 12, 2020, and feature Candace and Ty posing together.

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One of them has a caption that reads, “Well since someone had to rat me out! Yes she’s @realcandaceowens my sister and I’m her crazy big brother! Thanks inviting your brother lil sis!”

The other one’s caption reads, “Keeping my “little sis” @realcandaceowens laughing is how she stays in good spirits to take on the world.”

Candace is yet to dispel if Ty is her brother or if Twitter users are merely drawing out the comparison in both their personalities and opinions.

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Viral Twitter video explored

Although Ty’s rant video about CRT went viral on June 18, it was originally taken on June 9.

In his speech the radio host said, “‘You’re going to deliberately teach kids: ‘this white kid right here got it better than you because he’s white’ – and you’re gonna tell a white kid: ‘the black people are all down and suppressed.”

He went on to say, “‘How do I have two medical degrees if I’m sitting here oppressed?”

Ty further said, “Not one white person ever came to me and said: ‘Well son, you’re not going to get anywhere. Black folks are getting told by other black folks: ‘you’re never going to be able to get out there in the world because white folks are never going to let you get anywhere, the white man is going to keep you down.”

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