Taylor Swift announced Red (Taylor’s version) on Friday, June 18 and fans are keen to know all about the tracklist and release date.

The 31-year-old singer has sent the internet reeling with her latest social media announcement.

Millions of Swifties were caught off guard after the singer decided to work on her 2012 album Red next, instead of her 2014 album 1989, which many expected would be the next.

However, fans still welcomed the news.

Taylor’s detailed Instagram post featured a picture of her in a similar aesthetic to that of her 2012 look in Red. The caption on the other hand announced a lot of details about the upcoming release.

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Tracklist for Taylor Swift’s album explored

Taylor’s Insta post reveals that the new rendition of Red will feature 30 songs. Announcing this the singer wrote, “This will be the first time you hear all 30 songs that were meant to go on Red.”

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The excitement among fans was sent in overdrive when the I Knew You Were Trouble singer announced that there will even be a ten minutes long song on the tracklist.

The tracklist for Red (Taylor’s Version) is yet to be released. However, fans have tried to sleuth out which the 10-minute long song was.

Many fans think it’s All Too Well that will have a 10-minute version. One of the reasons most fans are hunching towards this guess is that Taylor’s announcement tweet includes a scarf emoji which could very well be a reference to the song, which features lyrics about the scarf.

In her previous interviews, the star has talked about creating a longer version of the song. However, the originally released version ended up being only about five and a half minutes. 

Release date and pre-order details for Red (Taylor’s Version)

  • Taylor has stated that the rerecorded album will release on November 19.

However, fans can pre-order a digital version of the album right away on taylorswiftstore.com. Both the explicit and clean version is priced at $14.99.

The digital album will carry all 30 songs. Once purchased the album will be sent to the fan’s e-mail address on or about November 19, 2021. Fans must note that digital downloads are not available to customers outside the U.S.


Twitter rumours suggest an Olivia Rodrigo collab

The rumours about a possible Olivia and Taylor collab sprung up ever since the announcement.

In the social media post announcing a rerecorded version of Red, the singer is seen wearing the ring. It’s the same one that Taylor gifted her in March 2021, following the success of her song Drivers License. 

During an interview with Teen Vogue Olivia proudly showed off her ‘RED’ ring.

Fans were quick in trying to join the dots. One user wrote, “Taylor Swift sent the ring she wore when writing “Red” to Olivia Rodrigo, I’m pretty sure she’s one of the collab from the vault (especially since Red has rock vibes).”

A second user wrote, “You’re child is crying because Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo have the same ring.”

A third user said, “When searching for the *RED* ring that Taylor is wearing in the photo below, this came up. A Taylor and @Olivia_Rodrigo collab is coming!!!

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