One of the most interesting game reveals in recent memory is Abandoned for PS5. Not because of the game’s supposed quality, but because of all the fan theories and links which point to it truly being Silent Hill with Blue Box Game Studios’ director, Hasan Kahraman, believed to be notorious prankster, Hideo Kojima.

The PS5 exclusive was announced back in April, and the PlayStation Blog describes it as a first-person horror survival shooter set in a highly detailed open world with realistic survival elements. This all sounds fantastic on paper, but sleuthing gamers are adamant there’s more than meets the eye.

Hideo Kojima has been the centre of rumours ever since the release of Death Stranding and some even suggest he’s working with Microsoft instead of Sony.

Abandoned – Announcement Teaser | PS5

Abandoned – Announcement Teaser | PS5

What is the Abandoned game for PS5?

Abandoned is a PS5 exclusive said to be coming out in Q4 2021. This is the official word per the PlayStation Blog, but fans believe that the title is instead a ruse for Hideo Kojima and Silent Hill.

Its story involves protagonist Jason Longfield who is kidnapped and wakes up in a strange forest. The game’s director, Hasan Kahraman, boasts about realistic interactions and says the game’s purpose is to make you nervous and scared about every enemy counter.

DualSense features will allow players to feel each and every interaction during gameplay, and this includes being struck by a bullet rather than just feeling the weight of pulling a trigger.

Why fans think Abandoned is really Silent Hill

Fans strongly believe that the PS5 exclusive is really Silent Hill because Blue Box Game Studios posted a tweet on June 15th saying ‘Abandoned = (First letter S, last letter L)’. Another tweet was posted saying there’s no connection to Konami or Hideo Kojima, but fans refuse to believe this.

Another reason fans are sceptical about the PS5 exclusive’s true nature is because evidence suggests Blue Box Game Studios is phoney. As pointed out by PlayStation Lifestyle, their logo is eerily similar to the PS Studios Logo.

Reddit user nana_blair has also shared that blue box refers to phone scams and that there are no saved trademarks for the studio. The user also says that employees at the company’s LinkedIn profile are stock photos.

While all the above suggests that Blue Box Game Studios is a cover-up, there’s also evidence which suggests Abandoned is really Silent Hill. As mentioned in the same Reddit post, the letters P and T for ‘Kill the Trespasser’ are covered by trees in the trailer at 0:49. This could allude to P.T. which was the playable teaser for Kojima’s and Norman Reedus’ Silent Hills.

And, in what is possibly a funny reference, the banner for Blue Box Game Studios’ YouTube channel is full of hills.

Is Hasan Kahraman secretly Hideo Kojima?

Fans believe Hasan Kahraman is really Hideo Kojima because they share the same initials and Kahraman literally translates to Kojima in Japanese to Turkish. In addition, the alleged game director also had a YouTube channel named Twentyseven27, which could allude to when Silent Hills was cancelled on April 27th, 2015.

Reddit user nana_blair admits that the Blue Box Game Studios director does have an Apple App Store profile, but they see this has another wink towards P.T. This is because there’s an app named Go Fix XL which has ‘Personal Training (PT) Programs’ in its description.

While some will suggest that the evidence is far-fetched, it’s important to note that Kojima has hidden behind fake studios in the past such as 7780s with P.T.

The official Twitter account for Abandoned has confirmed that the title is a codename for development, so we’ll just have to wait and see if it really is a return to Konami’s foggy hellscape.

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