A woman has gone viral on TikTok after talking about life with dentures, and she’s been praised for breaking the stigma around fake teeth.

Be honest. When you think of dentures, what do you think of? Old people, right? The removable false teeth have got a bit of a reputation with the elderly, and that stereotype needs to be broken.

Losing your teeth at a young age certainly isn’t anything to be ashamed of, and one person is making that very clear on TikTok. Meet Princess Glitterhead…

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

TikTok – For Your Pride I #ItStartsOnTikTok

Who is Princess Glitterhead?

Alicia, better known online as Princess Glitterhead is a TikTok user with 1.4 million followers on her profile @princxssglitterhead.

The American woman started losing her teeth when she was 21-years-old and decided to get removable snap-in dentures to gain back her confidence.

“During my pregnancy, my teeth rapidly began to decay — from the inside out. Both of my eye teeth broke off at the gum line a week or so apart from each other. I remember laying in my yard feeling like my life was over,” she told BuzzFeed.

“I would never be respected. I would never be pretty. My husband might leave me. He married me with perfect teeth and within a year I was already missing teeth,” she added.

For several years, she continued living with missing teeth as she was terrified of the dentist, but when she only had seven natural teeth left on the top, she decided to do a full $10,000 restoration.

However, when she got pregnant again, her teeth worsened, and she decided to face her fear of the dentist once more and get dentures.

Now, she embraces her dentures and makes videos about life with fake teeth on TikTok.

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She makes videos about life with dentures

Princess Glitterhead started making TikTok videos at the start of 2020, and she’s now had over 10.5 million total likes on her videos.

She posts a mixture of informative videos, educating people about life with dentures, and also fun videos, such as glow-ups.

Recently, she hit a million followers and did her most extreme glow-up video yet, showing herself changing from no makeup or teeth to a full glammed up look.

Some people have given her backlash for being a ‘catfish’, claiming she looks very different without her teeth or makeup. However, others have praised her confidence.

Princess Glitterhead also started the ‘with or without’ trend, encouraging other TikTok users with dentures to have the confidence to show themselves with and without their dentures in.

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Princess Glitterhead is breaking the stigma

She has been praised by TikTok users for breaking the stigma surrounding dentures in young people and showing that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

“We don’t have to hate ourselves for needing dentures, no matter what the reason. There is no reason to feel shame for fixing something about yourself that will improve the quality of your life,” she told BuzzFeed.

“Our children deserve parents who smile at them. We deserve to feel love and be happy. We have the power to make this decision the best thing we ever did for ourselves.”

One fan commented on her video: “You go girl, it’s confidence not many of us have.”

“I love it, this is wonderful. Thank you for showing us. Love your confidence and love for yourself,” said another.

A third person added: “Thank you for being so courageous and sharing the real you.”

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