We all like to have a laugh and a joke with our families but perhaps you’ll agree that none nothing comes close to the hilarity of the Payne clan.

Tyler Perry has consistently knocked it out of the park with a range of shows over the years, but legions of his fans champion House of Payne as his very best offering.

Audiences have been kicking back with Ella, Clarence, Malik, and more since all the way back in 2007, when it premiered on TBS. It has gone on to earn an admirable legacy and even a spin-off – The Paynes – and the performances certainly help account for its success, especially LaVan Davis’.

The 54-year-old American actor reprised his iconic role in the introductory season 10 episodes, but his absence has been felt in later installments. So, where is Curtis on House of Payne at the moment?

Screenshot of ‘House of Payne’ on Youtube

Where is Curtis in House of Payne season 10?

  • Curtis hasn’t featured in recent episodes of the sitcom because he’s currently away on a barbecue tour.

This is highlighted by the House of Payne Fans Twitter page, which replied to a concerned fan on Wednesday, June 16th 2021: “Curtis is on his barbecue tour. I’m sure he’ll be back soon!”

LaVan isn’t credited in episodes 3 and 4, titled ‘All Lumped Together’ and ‘Back That Thang Up’ respectively. The last episode he was credited with was episode 2, ‘A Payneful Lesson’.

As of yet, it’s uncertain when the character will return to the fold, but audiences can rest assured that there has been no official announcement regarding LaVan’s departure from the series. He will be back, and hopefully sooner rather than later!

Fans voice their confusion

If you’re missing his one-liners and input then you’re certainly not alone, as Twitter has been full of fans venting their frustrations over the last couple of weeks.

Curtis is such an essential part of the show that his presence leaves something of a hole when he’s gone, as you can tell from the general reaction as of late:

Keeping the family together

Saying goodbye to Curtis would have perhaps been an impossible task for the show’s fans, and Keshia Knight Pulliam (who plays Miranda Lucas-Payne) recently reinforced during her interview with The Grio just how close the cast is in real life too:

“We’re definitely a family. We’ve been working together so long and I’m grateful just to have the opportunity to come into people’s households on a weekly basis and bring just a little bit of joy, a little bit of laughter into everyone’s lives.”

Season 10 has ushered in some great moments, and as for why the Payne’s are safe from the pandemic, Keshia has an answer: “We’re bombarded with that every day. Sometimes you just need to sit back and laugh, it creates a space.”