On June 15, Blackpink broke the news about their upcoming ‘4+1 project’ in celebration of their 5th anniversary, and since then, Twitter users have been trying to find the meaning behind the post.

Within minutes, Blackpink started trending on Twitter as people debated what the post could mean. Even though there is not a lot of information out there, we are not surprised that fans have come up with some wild theories about the project.

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Blackpink’s anniversary post on Instagram explored

The buzz around Blackpink coming up with something new had been going on for a week. In fact, eagle-eyed fans had been keeping their social media in check as the official Instagram account had been posting blank black images on the profile.

Not long after, on June 15, the band announced their ‘4+1 project’ on account of their 5th anniversary. Apart from this, the only information in hand that fans had was a website that read: “5th.blackpinkofficial.com” However, this was also a dead end as the website showed the same photo teaser as the social media.

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Twitter debates what is 4+1 project

Even though YG Entertainment has not released an official statement about the project, fans have been coming up with wild theories about the meaning behind the post.

Some fans think that “4+1” hints that a new member might be joining the band. Comments like: “rumors saying the 4+1 @blackpink project is a new member,” “Ngl I had a nightmare about that BlackPink teaser last night revolving around it being a new member,” and others have been spotted on Twitter.

However, there are others who argued that YG Entertainment would not add a new member five years after band’s debut. Meanwhile, another rumor that has been going around on the internet is that the “4+1 project” could be a movie.

Blackpink has had a documentary that became successful. Fans think the project could be a movie about the members. Even though these sound like some exciting ideas, we will just have to wait until the band confirms the meaning.

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Where can you watch Blackpink’s documentary?

Blackpink’s documentary can be watched on Netflix. The documentary is called Blackpink: Light Up the Sky, and was released in 2020.

The description for it reads: “Blackpink: Light Up the Sky is a 2020 documentary film directed by Caroline Suh, that tells the story of South Korean girl group Blackpink as bandmates and as individuals, and details their rise to fame.”

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