There was lots of excitement heading into Nintendo’s E3 2021 showcase yesterday, and a huge surprise was the reveal of a new Mario Party Superstars.

Some of the biggest showings at Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct were Breath of the Wild 2 along with the reveal of Kazuya Mishimia from Tekken for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. We didn’t get to see the much-rumoured Switch Pro, but this was expected due to the event’s emphasis on software.

The imminent future is fantastic for Nintendo aficionados and this is all because there is an incredible line-up of titles set to release this year.

Mario Party Superstars – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Direct | E3 2021

Mario Party Superstars – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Direct | E3 2021

When is the release date for Mario Party Superstars?

The release date for Mario Party Superstars is October 29th. It was revealed at the Nintendo Direct for E3 2021 with a colourful gameplay trailer that showed off plenty of familiar mini-games and iconic mascots.

You can pre-order it right now for the price of £49.99, but – before spending all your cash – you may also want to indulge in Mario Golf Super Rush which comes out before Superstars on June 25th.

How many boards are in Mario Party Superstars?

Five classic boards from the N64 era have been confirmed by Nintendo, and these include Space Land and Peach’s Birthday Cake. You will race against others to get the most amount of stars atop the sugary birthday cake, meanwhile Space Land will ask players to hold onto as many coins as possible in defiance of a Bowser Coin Beam.

Nintendo’s website also confirms that there will be 100 classic mini-games from the N64 and GameCube eras. Some of these mini-games include Shy Guy Says and Mushroom Mix-Up, and you will be able to play against four mates in local or online multiplayer.

Mario Party Superstars playable characters

One of the playable characters people are most excited about in Mario Party Superstars is the return of Birdo. She is present in the gameplay trailer as are the following Nintendo icons:

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • Yoshi
  • Toad
  • Toadette
  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Rosalina
  • Donkey Kong

These are just the playable characters seen in the gameplay trailer, but there should be more in the full release such as Princess Daisy. Check out Nintendo’s Treehouse Stream to see 40-minutes of gameplay.

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