David Dobrik is back! The Vlog Squad star has finally returned with a new video on YouTube after taking a three-month-long social media hiatus following multiple controversies and allegations.

The internet has been a crazy place this past year.

In 2020, following the BLM protests in America and all over the world, series of allegations and controversies surfaced against some of the most popular people in the world.

Personalities like Ellen DeGeneres and Nick Cannon landed in hot waters as a result. One of the recent ones added to the list has been YouTube star, David.

The vlogger returned to YouTube on Tuesday, June 15, following months of controversies and allegations against him. His new video chronicled his most recent trip to Hawaii with his friends’ group.

While fans were thrilled to see him return some wondered what had led him to take a break from social media in the first place.

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Why did David Dobrik get cancelled?

The vlogger who is hailed for being charitable by his friends’ group and viewers, faced major backlash from former Vlog Squad members in early 2021.

Many previous members of his friends’ group came forward with their stories of dealing with disrespectful behaviour from David and other members.

Some even detailed claims of being put into uncomfortable situations for the sake of his vlogs.

One of the most prominent voices speaking against David was Trisha Paytas. The internet star was in a relationship with the vlog group’s member Jason Nash back in 2017.

She recounted her experiences with the friends’ group, in a YouTube video she posted in May 2019. She has also spoken about her experiences on the Frenemies podcast.

Other former members like Seth Francois and BigNik came ahead with their accusations.

Speaking to the H3H3’s After Dark Podcast, these former Vlog Squad members went on to detail their experiences.

BigNik claimed being driven to depression as a result of constant mocking by David and other group members. On the other hand, Francois who left the vlog squad in November 2019, detailed being forced to participate in a non-consensual kiss for the sake of content.

However, some of the most severe allegations were made against the ex-member Durte Dom which were detailed in an Insider article in March this year.

Vlog Squad star’s apology video explored


Responding to these allegations David posted a second apology video on March 22. The YouTuber went on to address many allegations against his childhood friend Dom.

Although he didn’t go into the details of the allegations made against him by Trisha and other ex-members, he did address them.

At the beginning of the apology video, David said, “what this video’s not gonna be is, it’s not gonna be me discrediting Trisha, Kat or any other woman involved.”

Addressing the allegations, David said, “i was creating an unfair power dynamic in my group and i did not know this before.” He went on to say, “this was completely wrong and i wish i was more responsible.”

Towards the end, the YouTuber apologized saying, “i am sorry to everybody i have let down, i am sorry to have family and friends whom i have embarrassed.”

Twitter reacts to new video following controversy

Despite some turbulent months, fans were more than thrilled to see David return. As soon as the star posted the video many rushed to Twitter to express their excitement. However, others still pointed out the controversies.

One fan posted the picture with an emotional expression writing, “Me at the end of David Dobrik’s new vlogs when it said new vlogs every Tuesday.”

Another user joked about deciding not to watch David’s vlogs after he was cancelled, but went on to enjoy it anyway once he uploaded the new video.

A third fan went on to mock how Trisha’s podcast Frenemies ended right before David returned saying, “I know it’s just a coincidence but David Dobrik returning to post tuesday vlogs the very week after trisha’s podcast imploded…rip to trisha’s future meltdowns.”

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