Popular Twitch streamer, Ludwig, was forced to put an end to his almost 2-year upload streak today after YouTube flagged one of his videos.

The content creator took to social media to inform viewers of his one-week ban.

Why did Ludwig get banned from YouTube?

Ludwig, who has an upload streak of 618 days, has been put on a one-week ban from YouTube. This development follows from his recent upload, titled ‘You laugh, you lose’.

This video was flagged for ‘child safety’, and Ludwig was not happy about it. Taking to Twitter, the Twitch streamer wrote: “I’ve just got banned on @TeamYouTube for a week after a video got flagged for “child safety”, This means the end of my 618 day upload streak.”

He then followed on: “The first time I won’t upload a video in almost 2 years. Sad day.”

At the time of writing, the timestamp of the video that got flagged isn’t completely clear. Some fans theorise that the ban came from the video shown of a monkey throwing its faeces at a child. Whereas others believe it may have been caused by a clip where Ludwig spoke about child labour.

However, Ludwig has been quick to dismiss these theories, commenting: “There’s no way that’s it, there’s no universe that that is it.”

How did YouTube respond?

Following the streamer’s tweet surrounding his one-week ban, @TeamYouTube eventually replied.

The account wrote: “Jumping in – we’ve passed the video along to our team for review and we’ll follow up once we know more. Appreciate your patience in the meantime.”

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Twitch streamer fans react on Twitter

In light of the whole ordeal, fans of Ludwig took to Twitter to express their opinions. Users even started using the hashtag #freeludwig.

Looking at YouTube’s response, one fan wrote: “What sucks is that this happens to countless other smaller channels which don’t have enough influence to have this happen :(”

Another tweeted: “Team YouTube wtf man. Ludwig I’m sorry dude, keep your chin up and take this time as a break, you deffo deserve it!!”

“As a youtube frog i am gutted that i may have to turn to twitch for my ludwig content. BRING HIM BACK #freeludwig

“YouTube is ending a 618 day upload streak for one of the most positive influences on the internet with no good reason, this sucks! #freeludwig

Do you think YouTube should have banned Ludwig?

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