Fans are curious to know more about Katie Holmes’ NYC apartment as Jennifer Lopez’s ex Alex Rodriguez was recently spotted coming out of her building.

Celebrity dating rumours are pretty normal as every now and then various celebs from different walks of life are linked to each other. Many times these rumours turn out to be true.

However, a lot of the times, they are preposterous and downright bizarre. One such recent dating rumour saw Dawson’s Creek star Katie being linked to JLo’s ex Alex.

The rumour seems to have started after Daily Mail wrote an article entitled “Alex Rodriguez keeps it casual in a white T-shirt as he leaves Katie Holmes apartment building.”

As the rumour started swirling around many were curious to know if there’s any amount of truth in it. Others were keener on knowing where does the notoriously private actress Katie live.

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Where does the Dawson’s Creek star live?

  • The actress lives in Manhattan, New York, a place where many A-list celebrities live.

Katie is one of those celebs who is known to lead a very private life. Although she is spotted strolling or running errands often in the city, the 42-year-old has managed to keep the details about her residence a secret.

But we do know that she lives with her 15-year-old daughter Suri Cruise.

Given the size and population of NYC, it so happens that rich and famous New Yorkers end up living in the same building.

Katie Holmes NYC Apartment explored

Katie has shared quite a few snaps from her home on her social media handles.

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One of the major sneak-peeks into her home is the video she shared on May 29, 2020. She said in the self-recorded clip, “Hello, welcome to AFI Movie Club. I’m Katie Holmes and I’m honoured to be announcing today’s movie which is Erin Brockovich.”

In the black-and-white footage we see, her sitting in what looked like the study of her home. The dark coloured wall had floral wall art, possibly a painting. There was also a chandelier.

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Another picture that gives a peek into her home and its vintage decor. Katie posted this picture in December 2020, where she was photographed in what was presumably her NYC apartment.

The image, she posted was meant to promote a wine brand. It features her holding a glass of red wine in hand and seated on a light brown, leather couch.

There is a record player on the white table next to a wine bottle. The room’s background has a red and white curtain as well as one lit white candle.

However, only Katie can reveal more details about her NYC apartment. Her fans would be more than thrilled to see her feature in an episode of the YouTube show Architectural Digest.

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Alex Rodriguez dating rumours debunked

The talks around Katie’s NYC apartment started when the retired athlete Alex was seen coming out of her apartment building on June 13.

While the rumour mills started swirling in full power, Katie’s rep shortly cleared the air stating to Page Six, that Katie has never even met the MLB star.

Another source close to A-Rod added that he was only apartment hunting and didn’t know that Katie lived in the building. Clearing the rumours once again, the source said, “he’s never met her.”

Lately the star has been looking for a house in Tribeca and the Upper West Side, but is open to search around the city.

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