Many of Casey Frey’s fans can’t hold their excitement that he has a boyfriend – here’s what you need to know about the comedian’s dating status.

Casey Frey is an internet personality and social media influencer who shot to stardom on Vine before finding further fame on other social media platforms.

He currently has 2.3 million fans on Instagram and 387,000 subscribers on YouTube.

With such a huge fan base, it’s no brainers that Casey’s love life is of huge interest to his followers.

Casey Frey’s YouTube channel

Meet Casey Frey’s rumoured boyfriend

Casey Frey is rumoured to be in a relationship with his boyfriend called Joshua Elias Haynesworth-Polen.

The news broke after alleged screenshots of Joshua and Casey went viral on Twitter, leading to hundreds of reactions from the comedian’s fans and followers.

This comes after Casey revealed on Theo Von’s podcast This Past Weekend last week that he has been “in a relationship with a dude”.

“I am in a relationship with a dude right now,” he told Theo. “I met him online.”

“I never dated a man,” Theo responded to which Casey replied: “I didn’t either until recently. It turned out he was cool. We kind of just vibed out.”

While the alleged screenshots Casey and his rumoured boyfriend continue to trend on Twitter, Casey is yet to confirm whether Joshua is actually the “dude” he has been dating.

According to Joshua’s social media profiles, he is a 30-year-old queer barber.

Fans react on Twitter

It’s safe to say that many of Casey’s fans can’t hold their excitement that he is in a relationship.

“Casey Frey having a boyfriend is the good news we all needed during this month of this year,” tweeted one person.

“I’m so happy for Casey Frey and his boyfriend! They look so h.. happy together and I’m wishing them the best! It m- must be nice having such a loving relationship!” said someone else.

Meanwhile, some fans couldn’t hide that they feel heartbroken that Casey is no longer single.

“So Casey Frey has a boyfriend and it’s NOT me?” reacted one Twitter user.

“Casey Frey has a boyfriend and it’s not me??? Hurt, but I’m happy for them,” added someone else.

“Just found out that Casey Frey has a boyfriend and I’m losing it,” said another person.

Is Joshua Elias Haynesworth-Polen on Instagram and Twitter?

Yes, he is on Instagram and Twitter.

However, his Insta profile is currently set to private and his tweets are also protected.

Fans will have to wait for Casey to reveal the name and identity of his boyfriend and make their relationship official on social media.

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