APRIL’s Naeun bullying scandals continues as her older sister comes to the rescue to defend the idol with diary screenshots. However, eagle-eyed fans claim that these photos have proved the opposite.

Internal bullying with K-Pop idol groups is not unheard of and once someone steps out to accuse them, prepare to possibly to be sued by the entertainment company.

Back in 2020, AOA’s controversy was in the spotlight, with member Mina accusing their rapper Jimin of bullying her for 10 years. In that case, Jimin admitted to her faults, thus leaving the group shortly.

But when the accused denies the claims, cue the legal actions and a lot of back-and-forth statements being released.

Naeun’s controversy began in February 2021, when an online user claiming to be member Hyunjoo’s brother accused Naeun of bullying. Fast forward to June and the idol’s sister has come to shake off the claims but fans have spotted that she may have exposed Naeun instead!

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Naeun’s sister uploads diary screenshots in defence

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Naeun’s older sister Lee Ji-eun came to clear her idol sister’s name through screenshots of Naeun’s diary from 2016.

According to allkpop, Ji-eun claimed that her sister did not bully former APRIL member Hyunjoo, since she was suffering herself- she was “too depressed to bully someone else”.

The images show diary entries saying, “I hate this. I hate me. I hate myself so much. What is wrong with me? Why am I like this all the time? I’m seriously worse than a piece of trash.”

Clearly, the reason is not excusable, as fans state that just because they are suffering, does not mean that they are not able to torment others.

However, the photos have raised eyebrows as fans have spotted writings on the other side of the page bleeding through.

After deciphering the message, fans are suspecting that Naeun’s bullying is in fact true, as they claim it says: “a person I hate. I’m disgusted just by staying in the same space with [unknown person]. I seriously hope [the person] disappears from my sight.”

A summary of APRIL’s Naeun vs Hyunjoo

In 2016, Lee Hyunjoo left APRIL after one year to pursue an acting career, though she continues to be under the same company, DSP Media.

Earlier this year, an online user claiming to be her brother clarified that she was forced out of the group due to bullying by several members. DSP immediately responded that no one was a victim nor a perpetrator and that they would be taking legal actions against those who published the false statements.

However, Hyunjoo confirmed the claim on Instagram in April 2021.

“The bullying began in 2014, when I was preparing for my debut, and continued until 2016, when I left the group. I, who was 17 years old at the time, had to live in a dorm while preparing to debut, so I had to spend 24 hours a day with the perpetrators in a place where there was no one I could lean on.”

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Since Hyunjoo posted her side of the story, it forced APRIL members Yena and Chaewon to speak out, both maintaining that no bullying or ostracizing took place.

Yena: Because we were young, we wanted to complain and throw childish tantrums, but all of us quietly worked hard in our own positions without letting it show on the surface.

However, I always felt that one member was constantly pushing us away. When something happened to all of us, she thought of herself as the only victim, and even in a situation that arose by coincidence, she acted like we were perpetrators.

Chaewon: [The allegations of] bullying, social ostracism, violent behavior, violent words, ridicule, and attacks on character are all untrue. Hyunjoo and I were close enough that even our mothers were in contact with each other, starting from before our debut in 2014 to after our debut. I have proof of this.

If Hyunjoo has any kind of conscience, I believe she will remember this, and I believe the truth will be revealed soon.

Naeun’s take on the allegations

On June 11, Naeun took to the group’s fancafe for her side of the story. Overall, her statement did not address the specific verbal and physical attacks that Hyunjoo discussed, but she made sure to clarify.

“I did want to say one thing: This has never happened and it is not true.”

It is rare for K-Pop idols to comment on such sensitive topics, so it is likely that the idol’s will not release anymore statements – the rest of the work will be done behind the scenes by DSP Media.

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