Frenemies podcast came to an end on June 8, but the drama between Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein is far from over! Here’s a look at what Trisha had to say about the allegations in her new YouTube video.

Fans had been left shocked when Trisha announced she was leaving Frenemies. The YouTuber revealed the podcast was cancelled because of an ownership dispute. Following this, there were rumors that Trisha tried to fire podcast crew members. However, she denied this. Now, things seem to be getting dragged more on Twitter.

Trisha Paytas tackles allegations in YouTube video

On June 13, Trisha uploaded a video titled: “!!TRIGGER WARNING!! *sa* monetization is off for this one (serious topics).” In the video, Trisha gave insight into what went wrong between her and Ethan.

One of the things that Trisha spoke about was her sexual assault. In the video, Trisha alleged that Ethan had brought up her sexual assault incident many times during the Frenemies podcast. The YouTuber claimed the topic continued to be brought up even though she had requested for it to stop.

She also revealed that Ethan had asked her mother about the sexual assault while they had gone on a trip together. Trisha confessed she failed to set boundaries on the podcast. At the same time, she admitted there were times when she allowed content to be aired for the purpose of entertainment.

In the 28 minute video, Trisha also spoke about the backlash she received after she announced her exit from the podcast. You can watch the entire video here.

Drama with Ethan Klein explored

Hours after the video went live, Ethan decided to break his silence. He did not seem pleased with Trisha’s statements in the video and tweeted about it.

He wrote: “I know ya’ll want me to talk about Trisha but this whole thing is extremely upsetting and disturbing, I’m still processing it. This is a person who I considered one of my closest friends a week ago who is now making videos accusing me of sexual harassing her. Its too much.”

He continued: “Trisha said I was sexualizing her in the workplace which is the textbook definition of sexual harassment.”

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Trisha Paytas hits back on Twitter

After Ethan made this statement, Trisha hit back with a statement of her own on Twitter. In a series of tweets, Trisha accused Ethan of not watching her video and jumping to conclusions.

She said: “I assure you Ethan did not watch my video, inciting more unwarranted hate towards me. I don’t even know what to do at this point. I take responsibility for wrongs that I did on the show but I’m also allowed to speak on what made me uncomfortable regarding my sexual health/history.”

She continued: “I’m not sure if twisting everything I say this week is intentional to drive more hate my way or not but it’s disheartening. Starting with me wanting to “fire a crew” to now “accusations of sexual harassment” when it’s ME talking about MY sexual health/ history.”

In other tweets, Trisha made it clear she won’t be apologizing to Ethan as there a lot of things that have happened behind closed doors. As for her haters, Trisha asked them to unfollow her as she had every right to speak on her social.

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