Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall’s fight finally came to an end on June 12. However, fans could not stop talking about Austin’s robe which was part of his fight outfit. Here’s a look at how they reacted!

The TikTok vs YouTube fight has been one of the biggest social media events that anyone had ever seen. Fans finally got to witness it and at the end of the day, YouTube content creators came out as winners. Despite this, it was Austin’s choice of clothes that had people talking.

YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing Event Trailer

YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing Event Trailer

Who won Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall fight?

Austin was crowned as the winner during his fight with Bryce. In fact, the YouTube content creators managed to win all the fights apart from one. Landon McBroom, FaZe Jarvis, Ryan Johnston, and DDG won their fight.

This left Ben Azelart, Michael Le, Cale Saurage, and Nate Wyatt losing the title. Only Vinnie Hacker from TikTok managed to win by defeating Deji. Overall, the YouTube creators ruled the event as they proved which platform was the best.

Twitter reacts to Austin McBroom’s fight outfit

Several people reacted to Austin’s fight outfit on Twitter. Here’s a look at some of the best ones

Looks like Austin took some inspirations from the Jenners

Cartoons can be a good source of inspiration?

What is Austin McBroom’s net worth?

Austin has a net worth of $2 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, most of his net worth comes from his social media status. He has 19 million subscribers on his ACE Family YouTube channel. Here’s he posts content with his wife Catherine and children Elle, Alaia, and Steel.

Austin also has a large Instagram following. At present, he has 6.7 million.

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