American actor Sebastian Stan is currently trending on Twitter, as the internet tries to ‘cancel’ him this June 2021. The 38-year-old seems to have social media users divided. Let’s take a look at whether he is ‘cancelled’ and what caused the drama.

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Who is Sebastian Stan?

Sebastian Stan is a 38-year-old actor who was born in Romania. He has citizenship in both Romania and the USA.

Sebastian graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick in 2005.

His most notable film roles include playing Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier), Jeff Gillooly in I, Tonya, and Carter Baizen in Gossip Girl. More recently, Sebastian plays the role of Mickey in 2020 film Monday.

This year will also see Sebastian star opposite Lily James in Hulu’s highly-anticipated series, Pam & Tommy. The show will be exploring the whirlwind romance between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, which resulted in their marriage after just 96 hours.

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Why are people saying that Sebastian is cancelled?

If you’ve logged on to Twitter and seen that the internet is trying to cancel Sebastian Stan, you might wonder what the actor did to earn this ‘cancellation’.

The ‘cancellation’ comes from Sebastian Stan ‘liking’ a video on Instagram, of a radio host Shane Powers saying the n word in 2017.

One Twitter user alleged: “The way that I can’t mind my own business on Tumblr because I find out that Sebastian Stan decided to like (agree with) a video of a white man saying the n word with his whole chest, shortly after he got dragged for his racist Take A Knee meme. Can’t make this sh** up.”

This is not the first time that Sebastian Stan has fallen into Twitter drama. Sebastian reportedly blocked Twitter users in 2020, after his girlfriend, Alejandra Onieva, faced the online cancel culture for alleged cultural appropriation. Neither Sebastian nor Alejandra commented on the accusations at the time.

Many of Sebastian’s fans have taken to Twitter to defend him. One fan wrote that the actor may have made mistakes but stated that they think he’s the “victim” in the situation.

Sebastian speaks out on online trolls

In a 2021 interview with Indie Wire’s Libby Hill, Sebastian touched on the cancel culture that he’s experienced online.

He said: “I think it’s just interesting how people criticise everything so quickly, you know? I just want to be like alright, you’ve got something to say? Go out there and f***ing prove it“.

He continued: “People are very comfortable behind a keyboard, but it’s like if you want to do something that lasts, you’re going to have to do a lot more than type a message”.

One Twitter user provided a different stance to others and said: “sebastian stan needs to realize he’s not being ‘cancelled’, he’s being held accountable for his problematic behavior and how he defends his racist gf“.

Another person tweeted: “But that’s not an argument they want to consider. I get how people are offended and I’m not taking away from that. I’m saying is there must be a different way to go about things other than cancelling someone. It’s like we would be cancelled royally if our lives were scrutinised“.

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