Fans keen to know how tall is Joe Rogan after an LA skywriting marriage proposal said, he “is literally 5 foot 3.’

An over the top marriage proposal has become a hot topic on the internet.

Coming up with one of the most original proposal ideas ever, an unidentified man proposed to his fiance named Mollie Pratt recently. He chose to pop the question via the sky, hence taking to skywriting.

But this proposal ended with a diss at Joe with one of the final lines reading.

The whole stint has sent tremors on Twitter as more and more users are joining in to express what they felt about the hilarious proposal.

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LA Skywriting Marriage proposal explored!

The sky message was seen in above West Hollywood and neighbouring areas on Saturday, June 12.

It contained messages like, “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING” and “UNTIL DEATH DO US PART.”

Then the big question was popped, following by messages, “SHE SAID YES!”. However, the mastermind behind this proposal did have a last train of thought, “ONE MORE THING … JOE ROGAN IS LITERALLY 5 FOOT 3.”

The Wrap confirms that it was the Sky Typers, an LA-based company that performed this hilarious service. A spokesperson from the firm reveals that someone paid $17,500 for a total of 10 messages total.

A twitter user posted a list of all the messages that appeared during the skyshow.

How tall is Joe Rogan?

  • The ‘Joe Rogan Experience’ host has confirmed that he stands at 5’8.”

Twitter reacts to the stint dissing the comedian!

Internet users were quick to turn the whole LA skywriting marriage proposal thing into a meme, some couldn’t stop laughing at the stint.

One user wrote, “deleting dating apps because I want to meet someone the old fashioned way (hiring a skywriter to put “joe rogan is literally 5 foot 3” above their city and hoping they’ll know it was me).”

A second user wrote, “Thank you to whoever paid a plane to write this in the sky today. I had no idea that JOE ROGAN IS LITERALLY 5 foot 3. It literally explains everything.”

A third user said, “I went hiking with my mom and aunt and we saw this in the sky that says “Joe Rogan is literally five foot three” and then they made me explain who Joe rogan was to them.”

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