Shane Dawson is all set to make his return to YouTube, but what about his personal life? Did Shane and Ryland Adams break up? Here’s a look at where their relationship stands in 2021.

The YouTuber began his hiatus in September 2020, after he was called out for his behavior online. Following this, Shane came out and apologized to his fans. He also assured his followers that he would focus on himself during this break. Now, Shane has hinted he is ready to create content again.

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Did Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams break up?

No, Shane and Ryland did not break up. They are still together and very happy in their relationship. In fact, Shane even shared a picture with Ryland while hinting at his return to YouTube.

He wrote: “Dads left the house. Ps. I know I haven’t posted a video in a long time and I promise it’s not because I don’t want to. I’m just trying to stay in a good mindset and be happy. I promise I’m not going to abandon my channel after 15 years of creating. Just been re-evaluating my life the last year and figuring out what I want to do with it. Life is short and I’m grateful for every second of it. Hope you guys are doing well! I miss you!”

At the same time, Ryland has also been sharing their pictures on his social media. Looking at their pictures, it seems like the pair is enjoying a nice getaway.

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YouTube Pride 2021: You Are Everything | Official Trailer

YouTuber’s relationship explored

Shane and Ryland have been together since 2016. The pair got engaged in 2019, and Shane had shared this news with his followers.

Sharing the pictures of the proposal, Shane had dedicated a post his partner. The occasion was extra special as the pair had been celebrating their three year anniversary.

Shane wrote: “Ryland, thank you for making the last 3 years the happiest time of my life,” he wrote alongside photos of the duo. “Thank you for sleeping next to me even though I sweat through the sheets. Thank you for making me smile and reminding me how loved I am in real life even when I’m being cancelled online.”

He continued: “Thank you for letting me cover you in fake tattoos and wigs for videos and sometimes just for a fun Saturday night. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and reminding me [every day] that I should love myself too. I thank the universe [every day] for bringing you into my life and I can’t wait to start a future with you and start every day thinking about how lucky I am. I love you more than I can ever even explain in words.”

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