Kim Kardashian launched a shapewear company named SKIMS in 2019. All kinds of people have donned Kim’s label in a bid to promote the brand including Paris Hilton and Kim’s daughter, North. Now, Kim’s dressed up a Lamborghini in SKIMS fabric and Twitter has reacted!

In the world of underwear, the Wonderbra, Spanx and many more brands provide consumers with a secret magic trick to move everything into the right places. After years of wearing Spanx, Kim Kardashian decided to jump on the shapewear train and launch her own brand, SKIMS. Here’s a look at the reality TV star’s latest advertising campaign!

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Nordstrom

See Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Lamborghini

If there’s anything we should all know by now, it’s that the Kardashians love to blaze a trail when it comes to their fashion sense, businesses, interior design and more.

But Kimmy K’s latest advert for SKIMS has got people totally confused. It’s safe to say that she is the first person to cover a Lamborghini Urus in soft fabric.

A $200k car essentially transformed into a lamb? It doesn’t seem to make that much sense but we did have an iguana dressed in a SKIMS dressing gown back in March 2021… so who’s to say what could come next?

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Twitter reacts to the SKIMS Lambo

Naturally, Kim K can’t do much without people passing some kind of comment on what she’s doing, but the lamb-y Lambo may be worthy of some criticism.

Many people took to Twitter to query Kim’s promotional stunt with one saying: “A #skims covered Lambo is the most tacky s*** I have ever seen.

Another said: “I really don’t understand this. What’s the idea? Hide the car under a magic white carpet or pretend Kim Ks #LamborghiniUrus is a sheep? #skims

@westcoastheau took to Twitter to compare Kim’s Lamborghini to the dog grooming car from Dumb and Dumber.

Some people Tweeted that they like the furry car

Twitter was mainly populated with people scratching their heads at the idea of a fur-wrapped car. But, some took their hat off to Kim and said she was a marketing genius: “#KimKardashian wrapped her Lambo in soft fabric.. it’s called #marketing and it’s genius! It’s got people talking, targets her @skims brand with an absurd marketing stunt …“.

Another said: “Kim Kardashian is such a bad b***h it’s the fur lambo for me argue with y’all momma.

Overall, it looked as though Twitter users were less than impressed with Kim’s car wrapping. James Andre Jefferson Jr joked that Kim had “mummified” her car and also said that he’d think that it was “Jesus driving a cloud down Rodeo Drive“.

Others cited sitcom La familia P. Luche when it came to Kim’s car: “Kim kardashian thinks she’s in Familia Peluche with that new lambo truck she has“. In the programme a family has a fur-covered car!

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