Love, Victor season 2 is here just in time for Pride Month, and there’s a new character everyone’s talking about – but who exactly is newcomer Rahim?

Love, Victor season 2 is out now on Hulu in the US will soon premiere on Disney+ elsewhere, and after a cliffhanger finale last year, fans can’t wait to hear the tea about Victor’s love life.

The new season welcomes back Love, Victor’s main cast of characters including new arrival Rahim.

Love, Victor Season 2 Official Trailer | Hulu Original

Love, Victor Season 2 Official Trailer | Hulu Original

Love, Victor season 2: Release date and Plot

  • Love, Victor season 2 will arrive on Disney+ on Friday, June 18th 2021.

It originally premiered in the US on Hulu on Friday, June 11th. However, the platform isn’t available in the UK.

Following the events of season 1, which ended with the titular character coming out as gay, season 2 looks to throw a new set of challenges at Victor as he enters his junior year at Creekwood High.

Victor’s family are still coming to terms with his revelation, his ex-girlfriend, Mia, is heartbroken and the school is abuzz with gossip.

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Who is Rahim in Love, Victor season 2?

Played by Anthony Keyvan, Rahim is a new arrival in Love, Victor season 2.

His addition to the cast appears to be a minor one at first but without spoiling anything, it quickly becomes apparent that Rahim will have a big part to play in the new batch of episodes.

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Who is Anthony Keyvan?

Newcomer Anthony Keyvan (Rahim) is no stranger to the spotlight.

Born on August 13th, 2000, 20-year-old Anthony is an actor with several roles under his belt already.

According to IMDb, he has had recurring roles on shows such as ABC’s Fresh Off the BoatOnce Upon a Time in Wonderland, as well as Twisted and Netflix’s Alexa & Katie.

Love, Victor season 2 will feature Rahim, an unrestrained and quirky LGBTQ student at Creekwood.

Similarly to Victor in season 1, Rahim has a coming-out story that ties deeply into his relationship with his family and culture. 

In an interview with Distractify, when asked about Rahim’s Muslim background and how that factors into his coming-out story, Keyvan said:

“Rahim is at the beginning of his coming-out story, and he looks to Victor as Victor looked to Simon for guidance and support during this time because it’s obviously really scary and new for him, especially being Muslim.”

He added: “Coming from a Muslim family, that’s not something that is ever talked about or accepted really, so it’s really cool that I get to share that story.”

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Season 2 of Love, Victor is out now on Hulu in the US while UK fans must wait for June 18th to watch on Disney+.

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