How can fans around the world watch the highly anticipated romantic comedy ‘Rang De’ and what time will the movie release online?

On March 26th, the highly anticipated movie ‘Rang De’ released in theatres around India.

However, with the rising number of COVID-19 cases, many fans were unable to get to the cinema.

Thankfully, a release date for the digital premiere of Rang De has been confirmed!

RangDe Official Teaser | A Cute Marriage Gift to our Hero Nithiin from team RangDe

RangDe Official Teaser | A Cute Marriage Gift to our Hero Nithiin from team RangDe

Rang De: Release date…

  • Rang De released on Friday, June 11th; one day earlier than the scheduled Saturday, June 12th premiere.

The teaser trailer for the movie that was released as a tribute to Nithin’s engagement stated that the film would “hopefully” premiere for Sankranthi 2021.

Whilst a festival dedicated to the sun deity was a fitting premiere window for a romantic movie like Rang De, there were still concerns that this could be pushed back because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In January, the makers of the film announced the official release date was set for late March, 2021 and since then, the digital release date was confirmed for mid-June.

Rang De: Release time…

Rang De was scheduled to release on Zee5 on Saturday, June 12th. However, fans are in for a Friday-treat with an early premiere.

The movie released on the digital streaming platform at approximately 3 PM IST on Friday, June 11th.

Rang De released at the following times around the world:

  • Pacific Time: 2: 30 AM
  • Central Time: 4: 30 AM
  • Eastern Time: 5: 30 AM
  • British Time: 10: 30 AM
  • European Time: 11: 30 AM
  • Philippine Time: 5: 30 PM
  • Australia Time: 7 PM

How to watch Rang De…

At the time of writing, Rang De will only release on the Zee5 streaming platform.

However, as the movie is not a Zee5 original movie, there is a possibility that Rang De will be released on other platforms such as Netflix, Amazon or Hotstar.

Rang De: Cast

The confirmed main cast for Rang De include the following:

  • Nithiin as Arjun
  • Keerthy Suresh as Anupama “Anu”
  • Naresh as Arjun’s father
  • Brahmaji as Travel Agent Sarvesh
  • Vennela Kishore as Shastri
  • Suhas as Suhas
  • Kausalya as Arjun’s mother
  • Rohini as Anu’s mother
  • Abhinav Gomatam as Yanam
  • Vineeth as Arjun’s brother-in-law
  • Satyam Rajesh as Seenu

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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