Looking back, 2018 saw the release of such notable movies as A Quiet Place, Bohemian Rhapsody, A Star is Born, and many more.

Despite lots of competition, it was Love, Simon which battled its way to the top of many audiences’ “best of the year” lists.

Greg Berlanti’s teen comedy-drama won over the critics too, with hopes swiftly turning towards a sequel. Fortunately, the fans were treated to Love, Victor on Hulu back in June 2020.

Focusing its lens on Michael Cimino’s titular protagonist, viewers were offered the chance to journey along with him across 10 episodes and now we have the opportunity to do it all again.

So, when is the Love, Victor season 2 Disney Plus release date?

still from Love, Victor season 2 trailer, Hulu, YouTube

Love Victor season 2: Disney Plus release date

  • New episodes of Love, Victor arrive on the streaming service on Friday, June 18th 2021.

The latest season will be added as part of the Star channel so that UK audiences can finally tune in.

It originally premiered in the US on Hulu on Friday, June 11th. However, the platform isn’t available to subscribe to in the UK.

If you are yet to sign up for Disney Plus but want to for new episodes of Love, Victor then it’s worth noting that the service costs just £7.99 a month. Alternatively, you can pay £79.90 for the year and save over 15%.

Love, Victor Season 2 Official Trailer | Hulu Original

Love, Victor Season 2 Official Trailer | Hulu Original

Can fans expect a perfect 10?

They sure can!

Just like season 1, the latest is made up of 10 episodes too, so you can rest assured that a good binge is in order once the 18th rolls around.

The names of all the episodes have already been unveiled to give fans a teaser of what to expect:

  • Perfect Summer Bubble
  • Day One, Take Two
  • There’s No Gay in Team
  • The Sex Cabin
  • Gay Gay
  • Sincerely, Rahim
  • Table for Four
  • The Morning After
  • Victor’s Day Off
  • Close Your Eyes

The new episodes are… spicier?

Speaking with Gay Times while shooting the season, the cast gave audiences a taste of what to expect moving forward, with George Sear (who plays Benji Campbell) explaining: “There’s a lot more evolution with their characters.”

Michael Cimino agreed and weighed in his own thoughts, assuring us that things will most certainly heat up:

“I like the word ‘spicy’. It’s a little more spicier. I think that’s a very accurate word to describe it. It definitely expands upon everyone’s relationships… it picks up right where the first season stopped”.

On this, George added: “It also goes deeper, for sure. It goes into some other… Yeah, it will be worth it…:”

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