In the Heights recently premiered and viewers are spotting differences from the movie vs. the Broadway show – including the lottery ticket storyline.

Keep reading to discover all you need to know about In the Heights production differences and who won the lottery!

In The Heights – Washington Heights Trailer

In The Heights – Washington Heights Trailer

In the Heights: Movie vs Broadway differences

Spoiler alert! The following story contains spoilers from the movie “In the Heights.”

In the Heights is a 2021 American musical drama film directed by Jon M. Chu from a screenplay by Quiara Alegría Hudes.

Based upon the stage musical of the same name by Hudes and Lin-Manuel Miranda, the plot lines of the new movie slightly differ from the original Broadway musical.

After running for nearly 1,200 performances and winning four Tony Awards in 2008, the recent version has decided to switch things up.

Regarding the adaptation of the story into a film, director Jon M. Chu stated:

“we went deeper into what drives each of these characters, and made their hopes and struggles as big as any movie you’ve ever seen”

Listed below are just a few of the changes made to the movie production.

As opposed to the stage show starting with Usnavi opening his bodega for business, Usnavi begins the movie from a bar on a beach.

Onstage, Nina’s relationship with Benny is condemned by her father as he is not Latino.

Whereas, in the movie, Nina and Benny’s relationship is not about parental disapproval and instead focuses on the specifics of the racial microaggressions Nina faced at Stanford.

Over on TikTok, many viewers are unimpressed with the changes made to In the Heights.

For example, @hannanico1e seemed to be disappointed when reacting to the changes made to Carla’s solo.

However, @soprannie responded with the statement:

“i saw a prescreening of the movie and i promise all the changes work and i genuinely think its a MUCH better piece of art”

Who won the lottery in the musical?

Spoiler Alert!

Differences in the movie compared to the Broadway version are even apparent regarding the winning lottery ticket storyline…

Abuela Claudia (Olga Merediz) held the winning lottery ticket within In the Heights.

However, in the original Broadway show, Abuela Claudia bought the winning lottery ticket before the neighbourhood’s blackout.

She then tells Usnavi that she is splitting the winnings and encourages him to follow his dream to return to the Dominican Republic.

The movie however delays this reveal until the end, after Abuela Claudia has died.

Usnavi finds the winning ticket in a small box when packing up the last of her belongings.

‘If I won the Lotto’ song explored

As the popular song featuring within In the Heights, ‘If I won the Lotto’ is sung in the movie by actor Corey Hawkins.

If I won the Lotto has been trending over on TikTok as users complete the #InTheHeightsChallenge.

@aimyoncee shared a TikTok AD using the popular sound to state what she would do if she won the Lotto.

Go ahead and check out the new release of In the Heights!

Can you spot any production differences?

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