After discovering In the Heights’ post-credits scene, fans took to Twitter to express their excitement and viewers are eager to explore the bonus clip.

Keep reading as we explain the movie’s final section and provide excited fan’s reactions!

In The Heights – Washington Heights Trailer

In The Heights – Washington Heights Trailer

Does In the Heights have a post-credits scene?

A post-credits scene is a short clip that appears after all or some of the closing credits have rolled.

The extra footage is usually included to reward the audience for watching through the credits sequence, it may be a scene written for humour or to set up a sequel.

Director of In the Heights, Jon M. Chu, shared a pro tip with his Twitter followers by hinting at a post-credit scene.

It’s true! The newly released In the Heights contains an extra scene, displayed after the credits.

Twitter fans react to extra clip

@TheJosieMarie capitalised a tweet urging their followers to stay until the end of the movie.

Another user named @thafrois described the post-credit scene as “the funniest” and encouraged viewers to stay and watch.

As previously mentioned, a post-credits scene can often be included to establish a sequel to the movie.

@polyg responded to the director’s tweet by suggesting the extra clip may promise an In the Heights sequel…

However, not everyone was lucky enough to stick around post-credits.

@BeingBeauHarris took to Twitter to express their disappointment after leaving the theatre before realising the extra scene existed.

Movie’s bonus section explained

Spoiler alert!

Staying true to the movie, the bonus scene features yet another musical number.

Performed by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Mr. Piraguero), the song “Piragua” features in the extra clip.

Lyrics can be found on


I left my heart In The Heights, didn’t you? 😉 #InTheHeightsMovie

♬ original sound – In The Heights

Earlier in the movie, Miranda’s character was frustrated by competition from the Mr. Softee truck.

During post-credits, Mr. Softee’s truck breaks down resulting in the children rushing back to Piraguero’s truck.

The increased business then allows Piraguero to heighten his prices and gain back his success from the Mr. Softee truck driver.

So, make sure you stick around once the movie is over to watch the post-credit scene!

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