Flack’s second instalment has arrived on Amazon Prime, but is the show starring Oscar-winning Anna Paquin cancelled or renewed for season 3?

The series follows Robyn, an American publicist who struggles with work-life balance. 

After airing on W in the UK in April 2020, Flack’s second instalment has finally been made available for US viewers on Amazon Prime Video.

However, the new arrival has sparked interest in a potential third season.

FLACK S2 – Official Trailer

FLACK S2 – Official Trailer

Flack season 2 on Amazon Prime

Flack is a British series that first premiered on February 21th, 2019, on W Network in the UK and Pop TV in the USA.

After Pop TV dropped the series unexpectedly, it was picked up by Amazon in the summer of 2020 with seasons 1 and 2 dropping in the first half of 2021.

Oliver Lansleyand’s comedy-drama follows an American publicist called Robyn (Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin), who works for a PR company in London.

Her job is to ensure that her hapless and selfish celebrity clients have an impeccable public image, although her own life is falling apart.

At her work, Robyn is required to do some highly questionable things, but she’s never less than compelling. 

She is an instantly identifiable, complex human being: fully rounded, flawed, and fascinating.

Amazon Prime

Is Flack renewed for season 3?

  • Flack has not officially been renewed for season 3 at the time of writing.

However, according to Deadline, Amazon’s deal to pick up the series includes an option to proceed with a third season if the series proves popular enough.

So while there may not be confirmation of a third season just yet, the future looks bright for the Oliver Lansley series.

Furthermore, as season 3 has not been officially renewed, there’s no release date information to speak of just yet.

Between seasons 1 and 2, there was a gap of 13 months and if the same gap was to exist for season 3, then it would have been released in June 2021 but that’s clearly not happened.

Flack season 3: Cast and Plot

If the series returns with its third round, we can expect most of the prominent cast members to return.

This includes Anna Paquin (Robyn), Sophie Okonedo (Caroline), Genevieve Angelson (Ruth), Lydia Wilson (Eve), Rebecca Benson (Melody), and Andrew Leung (Craig).

Amazon Prime

Season 2 picks up from the events of the first season’s finale, which saw Robyn’s work and home life collide catastrophically when she could no longer resist the temptations of her myriad of addictions.

If there is a third season, we will learn if Robyn’s life takes a turn for the better or worse.

While she is an expert at cleaning up other people’s mess, will she be able to get a hold of her own life?

Flack season 2 is available on Amazon Prime from June 11th, 2021.

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