Summer Game Fest happened yesterday and its showing of the Evil Dead The Game confirmed more playable characters which has fans wondering about single-player.

Bruce Campbell introduced the game at the Summer Game Fest yesterday with narration to explain the action on screen. Of course, you will be able to play as Ashy Slashy himself as both a young man as well as the veteran deadite killer from the TV series.

The title looks incredible for fans of games such as Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight, and The Evil Dead aesthetic makes it all the more horrific and groovy.

Evil Dead: The Game – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Evil Dead: The Game – Gameplay Overview Trailer

When does Evil Dead The Game come out?

There is no current release date for Evil Dead The Game other than 2021, but what we do know is the game will come out on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and even Nintendo Switch.

Seeing as the title is horror-themed, you’d expect its launch to be planned for around October/Halloween. However, nothing is confirmed at the moment but we will provide an update when necessary.

Confirmed characters for Evil Dead The Game

Below is a list of confirmed playable characters for Evil Dead The Game so far:

  • Ash Williams
  • Cheryl Williams
  • Kelly Maxwell
  • Pablo
  • Scotty
  • Lord Arthur

While the above are confirmed playable characters, others implied from the Summer Game Fest trailer include Ed Getley. However, you will also be able to play as enemy characters if you choose to be evil.

The bad playable characters for the game include deadites, as well as boss-like figures such as Eligos from Ash Vs. Evil Dead. There’s also Evil Ash from Army of Darkness.

Does Evil Dead The Game have single-player?

Single-player is not confirmed for Evil Dead The Game as it is a multiplayer focused experience with co-op and PvP.

The PvP action will see survivors pitted against one player acting as the Kandarian Demon. Evil doers will be able control deadites, possess good guys, manipulate the environment, and even literally scare the good guys to death.

Meanwhile, the survivors will be tasked with finding pages of the Necronomicon, as well as finding lost tapes and tracking down other iconic artefacts. Collecting enough will allow you to send the evildoers back to the fiery depths of hell.

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