Dream has taken to Twitter to reveal that the leaked ‘face reveal’ going viral on Twitter this week was actually fake.

On Wednesday (June 10th), thousands of Dream fans went crazy on Twitter after an image emerged claiming to be a real photo of the YouTuber.

Dream is a ‘VTuber’ or ‘Virtual YouTuber’, meaning that he uses a virtual avatar and has never shown his face online.

Now, Dream has confirmed on his private Twitter that the image wasn’t really of him. Here’s what he said…

Dream face reveal tease on Twitter

Dream confirms viral ‘face reveal’ was fake

On Thursday (June 11th), Dream took to his private Twitter @DreamHangout to debunk a viral image that claimed to be of him.

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Dream confirmed in a tweet that the image was fake, writing:

“People who don’t like me really jump through every hoop to justify hate. Hating on the appearance of random people that are ‘leaked Dream face!!’ isn’t the big win you think it is. I’ve seen it twice a day since I started YouTube It’s harmful & gross & idiotic.”

When the fake ‘face reveal’ emerged on Twitter, many people began body shaming the guy in the photo, which is what Dream was referring to.

Dream then said in a second tweet: “Death threats, suicide encouragement and harassment isn’t the big win they think it is either. Neither is fabricating screenshots or stories.”

“Twitter can be the most ridiculous place sometimes, lots of hate and hostility. Remember to spread love and positivity 🙂 Keep on smilin’,” he continued.

He posted another fake ‘face reveal’ on his public Twitter

After revealing his true thoughts on his private Twitter, Dream decided to keep things a little more lighthearted over on his public Twitter.

He wrote “decided to face reveal… please be nice :/” exciting fans once again at the thought of seeing his true face.

However, when you look at the attached image, it’s actually just a computer-generated photo of a random man. Thanks for another fake race reveal Dream!

Fans slam fake ‘face reveal’ body-shamers

On Twitter, people are continuing to slam those who ‘fat-shamed’ the man in the photo.

“Just saying some of you rlly showed your fatphobia with the fake Dream face leak. Like yall were just WAITING to let it all out. So please reflect on yourself!” one person wrote.

Another said: “I understand why a lot of faceless youtubers don’t reveal their face. the ‘fake dream leak’ & the comments/reactions to it are so awful. also please remember, while that may not actually be dream himself, there’s a real person in that photo. y’all suck.”

“What got me so mad was dream antis used a photo of a random kid and said it was Dream’s face reveal. Their fatphobia jumped out and they started attacking dream for ‘being a catfish’ then they began spreading fake tweets,” a third person added.