Manifest has never been a show that hesitates to deliver a colossal gut punch and season 3 has certainly proven no exception to the rule.

Jeff Rake’s supernatural drama premiered on NBC in September 2018 and immediately swept audiences up in its central mystery of passengers touching down from a flight to discover they’ve been aboard for over five years.

Over the course of three seasons, we’ve navigated the lives of those grappling with this bizarre event, growing attached to a host of characters including Athena Karkanis’ series regular.

With the premiere of the season 3 finale on Thursday, June 10th, thoughts have turned sinister… does Grace die in Manifest?

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Does Grace die in Manifest?

  • Yes, Grace dies in season 3. In the departing moments of the finale we witnessed Cal alive but older, returning just at the moment of Grace’s passing.

She was stabbed by Angelina, who had kidnapped Eden.

While there may be some speculation regarding the character’s potential return, creator Jeff Rake has weighed in on the dramatic scene:

“There’s nothing flip about this. There’s nothing manipulative about this. There’s nothing spiteful about this. This was part of our story, and her significance in Manifest remains as strong as ever. Her character lives on through Cal, through Olive, through baby Eden, and of course through Ben as he tries to carry on without her.”

Taking this insight into account, it’s rather clear that Angelina’s attack proved fatal.

“This can’t be true”

Needless to say, the fans have wasted no time in offering their reactions to the shocking blow.

Some refuse to believe that this is the end of the road. Check out a selection of tweets:

Could we see Athena Karkanis return?

Although her character is dead, it’s possible that the actress could reprise the role in some capacity, whether that be through flashbacks or otherwise.

Indeed, Athena has said during an interview that “there could be a spooky haunting!”

Jeff Rake explained during a chat with TV Insider that the death was kept a secret between him and Athena. He also further addressed how the decision will impact a potential season 4:

“[It’s] the most fundamental, life-altering, devastating thing that could happen to [Ben]. A Season 4 of Manifest for Ben is absolutely centered around processing, digesting, coming to emotional terms with such an unspeakable loss, and then trying to find a way to seek vengeance, to kind of justify the act in terms of finding some meaning out of it.”

If you’re eager to keep up to date with the star then it’s worth following her on Instagram at @athenakarkanis.



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