In 2020, Bryce Hall admitted to using steroids. Now, fans are wondering if he’s using them in the lead-up to the YouTube vs TikTok fight.

Saturday’s YouTube vs TikTok boxing event is fast approaching, and fans are eager to see whether Austin McBroom or Bryce Hall will win the main event.

Both of them have been training hard every day to prepare for the ‘battle of the platforms’, and they often share their workout routines on social media.

Bryce Hall admitted to taking steroids in 2020, and fans are questioning his usage now.

YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing Event Trailer

YouTube vs. TikTok Boxing Event Trailer

Bryce Hall admitted to steroids use in 2020

In December 2020, Bryce Hall admitted to using steroids.

Tayler Holder posted a YouTube vlog titled “I Paid Bryce Hall To Tell Me His Deepest Secrets!!” in which he asked Bryce a series of questions. If he answered them correctly, Tayler would give him money.

“Have you ever done steroids or any other type of enhancement?” Tayler asked to which Bryce laughed and said: “You got me there.”

“If I don’t answer, that means yes and if I do answer, I’ll tell you yes I did,” he said, admitting to using the performance enhancers.

Tayler then gave him the money to which Bryce joked: “I can buy more steroids with this.”

“Let me tell you I’m not encouraging any of my viewers to do it, I just wanted to get big. I’m off now, I’m all natty now. Fully. Fully natty, test me,” he added.

Fans question usage for the YouTube vs TikTok fight

In the lead-up to Saturday’s YouTube vs TikTok boxing fight, fans are questioning whether Bryce is taking steroids to enhance his training.

Speculation is flooding Twitter this week that Bryce is using the performance-enhancing drugs.

However, at the time of writing this, Bryce has not responded to the speculation.

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