MoonlyFans is an anti-whale, privacy and meme coin designed to benefit long-term holders. As in the name, MoonlyFans will provide a platform to help users subscribe to Onlyfans and remain anonymous.

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A deeper look into the project and roadmap

MoonlyFans claims to have anti-dump mechanics, preventing whales from manipulating the price. They have three main methods to attempt to prevent these issues. 

Firstly, all transactions are taxed a whopping 15% and a large portion of this is redistributed to all shareholders.

Secondly, 5% of taxed tokens are burnt, ensuring deflation and hopefully maintaining the price action. 

The third anti-dump protocol occurs anytime a large number of tokens are sold. MoonlyFans has an automated system in place to buy the tokens sold in the dump, preventing any extreme price action to the downside.

Onlyfans is the biggest site for content creators to post their NSFW content. They have over 100 million users and have paid out over 3 billion in earnings to content creators. 

MoonlyFans beta platform is now live, allowing anonymous Onlyfans subscriptions. Due to the nature of the content in the site, it’s not unusual for users to want to be anonymous when subscribing to their favourite content creator. From a quick look at the current beta, the interface seems simple and easy to use. They state V2 of the protocol is coming soon which will allow users to directly pay for the subscriptions using the coin. 

MoonlyFans are set to release its first NFT. They state in the future they will spend a lot on marketing, getting content creators involved with the project. They will be able to release exclusive NFTs and content to their subscribers using the blockchain. 

The charts and why MoonlyFans is so popular in the meme community right now

MoonlyFans has holder-friendly protocols in place to try and ensure the direction of the price action is up, meaning happy investors. They reward holders a lot, as they receive large amounts of the tax paid out daily. The rest of the taxed tokens are burnt meaning the deflation will also benefit holders.

MoonlyFans charts date back to May 26th, since then the token has seen some impressive but volatile price action. Despite the anti-whale procedures in place, the coin has seen some large dumps of up to 50%, but also some huge movements of over 3X to the upside in a single day. 

To give some defense to the self-proclaimed anti-dump coin, when a token is just starting and has a low market cap, volatile price action is inevitable and some other meme coins have far worse price action than this one. However, even with the anti-dump procedures in place there can still be very volatile price action. 

For more information about the project and how to buy go to their website here.

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