People are wondering what time the Indian-American film Skater Girl will be released on Netflix. We look into the film’s release and how to watch it.

Skater Girl is an upcoming film on Netflix directed, produced and written by Manjari Makinjany. The film was also produced by Emmanuel Pappas and Vinati Makijany who also helped to write the screenplay.

The film’s premise follows a young girl from a poor village who takes an interest in skateboarding after a woman who comes to the village introduces the children to skateboard. Fans are highly anticipating the film’s release.

So, when does Skater Girl release on Netflix and how can fans watch it?

Skater Girl: Release date on Netflix

  • Skater Girl released on Netflix on Friday, 11th  June 2021.

The 11th June 2021 falls on the US National holiday, National German Chocolate Cake Day. So, if you are in the US, or anywhere else really, get yourself a layered slice of cake and head to Netflix to watch Skater Girl!

Skater Girl | Official Trailer

Skater Girl | Official Trailer

Skater Girl: Release times

Skater Girl is expected to release on Netflix at 12 AM PDT on Friday, 11th June 2021.

The film is expected to release at the following times around the world:

  • Central time: 2 AM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • Eastern time: 3 AM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • Greenwich Mean time: 7 AM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • British time: 8 AM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • West Africa time: 8 AM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • Central Africa time: 9 AM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • Central European time: 9 AM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • East Africa time: 10 AM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • Pakistani time: 12 PM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • India time: 12:30 PM on Friday, 11th June 2021.
  • Australia time: 4:30 PM on Friday, 11th June 2021.

Netflix regularly releases new content around the same time. Based on this we have been able to figure out the remaining release times. However, we cannot confirm this, meaning the times listed could be subject to change.

Please note: Times could be subject to change. The U.K. is currently on BST and not GMT* GMT has been included for some parts of North/North-West Africa.

For time zones that may not be included in this article, please use Savvy Time for conversions.

Meet the cast of Netflix’s Skater Girl

The cast of Skater Girl is as follows:

  • Rachel Sanchita Gupta as Prerna
  • Shradhha Gaikwad as Gunjan
  • Amrit Maghera as Jessica
  • Waheeda Rehman as Maharani
  • Shafin Patel as Ankush
  • Anurag Arora as Mahesh
  • Jonathan Readwin as Erick
  • Swati Das as Shanti
  • Ankit Rao as Vikram
  • Ambrish Saxena as Ramkesh
  • Vivek Yadav as Tipu
  • Sohan Suhalka as Vishwinath
  • Sahidur Rahaman as Police Officer

The remaining cast and crew can be seen here.

How to watch Skater Girl revealed

To stream Netflix’s series and films, you need a subscription. A basic subscription to Netflix’s service costs £5.99GBP/$8.36USD a month. Prices can vary depending on the plan you choose.

Netflix is available to use through multiple platforms and devices as long as you have a subscription with them. The streaming service also lets you use their app on multiple devices, depending on your plan*.