Lupin returns to Netflix for part 2 in June but just when are the release time and date for the new episodes?

When it arrived on Netflix in January 2021, Lupin became a smash hit and is currently ranked as the streaming service’s biggest non-English series.

According to Variety, around 70 million households streamed the series and so it was clear that demand was high for another instalment especially given the cliffhanger ending of part 1.

Here’s what we know about Lupin’s part 2 and when it’ll be available for fans to stream.

Lupin Part 2 | Official trailer | Netflix

Lupin Part 2 | Official trailer | Netflix

Lupin part 1 recap

Lupin premiered on Netflix on January 8th, 2021.

Based on Maurice Leblanc’s fictional Arsène Lupin, the series tells the story of Assane Diop, a modern-day gentleman thief who styles himself on the fictional Lupin.

Assane aims to take down the powerful Pellegrini family who he believes were responsible for the suspicious death of his father.

Part 1 of the series ended on a dramatic cliffhanger as Assane’s son was kidnapped by the Pellegrini family while it was hinted that the lines between fiction and reality could be about to blur as a man on the street called Assane ‘Lupin,’ the name of the fictional thief.


Lupin part 2 release time

  • Lupin part 2 will be released on June 11th at midnight Pacific Time in the US.

That translates to 3am ET in the US, 8am in the UK, 9am in France, 12:30pm in India and 5pm in Sydney, Australia.

Like most Netflix releases, all episodes of Lupin part 2 are expected to release in one binge-friendly bundle.


How many episodes in part 2?

  • Lupin part 2 will consist of five episodes.

Alongside the five episodes of part 1, the new instalment brings Lupin’s total number of episodes up to 10.

On top of that, even more Lupin is expected as the French Netflix series was renewed for part 3 before the second instalment’s release.

Beyond that, Maurice Leblanc created 17 novels and 39 novellas that featured gentleman thief Lupin so there is plenty of scope for the Netflix series to continue for some time yet.


Lupin part 2 arrives on Netflix on June 11th, 2021.

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