The drama between Kendrick Perkins and Quavo has been ongoing for quite some time – it doesn’t look like it will stop anytime soon, either!

Let’s take a recap of how it all started.

What is the heated exchange about? 

Right now, the drama is surrounding an image of Perkins that was used to promote the upcoming album, Culture III.

Migos rapper, Quavo, posted a photo of Perkins with an uppercut hand emoji under Perkins’ chin – the NBA champion was quick to respond.

Snapping back at Quavo, Kendrick Perkins wrote: “Thank God you’re back with the Migos because this photoshop uppercut is as close as you’ll ever get to a hit as a solo artist.”

How did the Perkins and Quavo drama start? 

Reportedly, the trading of intense tweets to each other started way back in 2018.

Quavo released his debut solo studio album, Quavo Huncho, which included the track ‘F**k 12’. Notably, on this track, Quavo rapped: “Get no playin’ time, Kendrick Perkins.”

The album went gold in 2019 and reached No. 2 spot on Billboard 200, despite debuting at No. 66!

Before the album reached gold status, Perkins reportedly said (in 2019), “You need to stick to staying with the Migos and not going solo”, following the release of ‘F**k 12’.

In an interview at the time, Perkins went on to say: “He tried to like diss me, he tried to say something like, he was talking about getting a girl’s number, and he was like, ‘no playing time, Kendrick Perkins.’ So I was like uh, no… and you need to stick to staying with the Migos and not going solo. I kinda wanted to fire back because his album flopped anyway, I mean it was trash but I was just like why are these little dudes coming after me? Like, first of all, what is your problem?”

When is Migos’ new album released?

Culture III, which reignited the drama with its promotion, drops Friday 11th June 2021.

Culture III follows Culture II (2018) and Culture (2017). The upcoming album is set to feature the likes of Drake, Cardi B, Future, and Justin Bieber.