K Michelle just posted a new selfie showing off her pink hair to her 6.9 Instagram followers, and fans couldn’t help but notice that something looked different.

While the post received plenty of positive comments, several fans speculated about plastic surgery, and the rumour quickly spread to Twitter too.

K Michelle herself has not confirmed anything nor stated that she has had surgery on her face recently.

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Has K Michelle had surgery?

After K Michelle posted a new selfie in June, fans couldn’t help but think that the musician looked different and rumours of plastic surgery began to fly.

However, K Michelle has not confirmed anything yet, or commented on speculation over her “new face.”

K Michelle has been open about her butt implants in the past and in February this year she took to Twitter to explain her thoughts on them after being teased for them “deflating” during a Live on Instagram.

She said: “I walked y’all through how difficult this process of removing silicone from my body is for 3 years/ 16 surgeries. Did we not forget I almost died due to this? Now I’m in the process of three reconstruction steps.”

K Michelle explained that she has chosen to be open about her surgery journey because “ladies need to see and hear the truth.”

Twitter reacts to K Michelle’s selfie 2021

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