Corinna Kopf is in a hot topic of conversation on social media this week because she just made an OnlyFans account, but who actually is she?

In 2021, lots of people are turning to OnlyFans to make money.

The London-based subscription site was launched in 2016 and has become synonymous with explicit photos, allowing people to charge fans to view their content.

It’s not just ordinary people who are turning to OnlyFans either, as the likes of Cardi B, Trisha Paytas, Rubi Rose, Tyga, Tana Mongeau have profiles on the site.

The latest Internet personality to join OnlyFans is Corinna Kopf, and she’s had a bit of backlash on Twitter.

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Who is Corinna Kopf?

Corinna Kopf is an American Instagram influencer, YouTuber and gamer.

The 25-year-old from Illinois is better known as Pouty Girl online and has 1.76 million subscribers on YouTube.

However, she doesn’t post on YouTube anymore and is far more popular on Instagram where she has 5.7 million followers.

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Corinna Kopf joins OnlyFans

On June 3rd, Corinna Kopf said on Twitter that she would make an OnlyFans if her tweet got 500,000 likes.

“F*** it… 500,000 likes and i’m making an OnlyFans😈,” she wrote.

A week later, the tweet has only had 450,000 likes, but Corinna still decided to make a profile on the subscription site.

However, she’s had a bit of backlash.

People claim her OnlyFans is a ‘scam’

Corinna charges $25 per month to subscribe to her OnlyFans, and she promised on Twitter that it wouldn’t just be a copy of her Instagram, writing:

“People who think my onlyfans is about to be just “instagram content”… you’re dead wrong. if i posted everything right out the gate, it would just get leaked…just wait…😈”

However, fans who subscribed to Corinna’s OnlyFans have been leaking some of the photos to Twitter, Reddit and Discord, and people aren’t happy.

She’s posted around 11 photos on the site so far, and fans are claiming that it is in fact just a copy of her Instagram, branding it a ‘scam’.


Another said: “She’s gonna scam the hell out y’all. She bout to put pics like if it was IG.”

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