Colgate, the oral care brand, has come under fire after commenting several offensive statements on TikTok videos, as well as liking strange and homophobic posts.

Twitter users have suspected that the account was hacked, and while the liked videos have since been turned to private, Colgate are yet to address the situation.

Screenshots of the comments have been circulating online with people tagging Colgate to alert them of the situation and warn them that the account could have been hacked.

What happened to Colgate on TikTok?

Colgate has come under fire after being spotted posting offensive comments on TikTok as well as liking homophobic and hateful videos.

The account was seen commenting under videos with statements such as “women aren’t allowed to laugh” and “you didn’t say no homo little dumbass.”

People swiftly took to Twitter to discuss the situation, with many users tagging Colgate in screenshots of the comments and asking them if they were hacked. Colgate is yet to address the situation.

For a while, Colgate’s liked videos were available for public viewing, which meant everyone was able to see what they had been liking. This included homophobic and offensive TikToks.

One of the videos the account had liked was a TikTok showing a man refusing to step on pride stairs.

Was Colgate’s TikTok account hacked?

Colgate are yet to address the situation, meaning no one knows if the account was hacked, or just a social media manager going rogue.

The brand has since turned off public viewing on their likes, meaning they are no longer visible.

Users on Twitter have attempted to alert Colgate about the TikTok comments, with many of them asking: “Did you get hacked on TikTok?”

Another person on Twitter tagged Colgate in the screenshots and stated: “Whoever is managing your TikTok needs to get fired.”