Fans wonder why was Kailyn Lowry cut from MTV’s Teen Mom after season 10’s latest episode from June 8 did not feature her storyline. Here’s the reason!

The recent episode of Teen Mom 2 season 10 has left many fans confused. The episode revolved heavily around Jade Cline’s Brazilian butt lift surgery.

The clips featured both Jade and Briana DeJesus, as they were in Miami. But many wondered where cast member Kailyn was.

When fans tried to get to the bottom of this, Briana confirmed that Kailyn’s parts/footages from the show had indeed been cut. She went onto give more reasons behind Kailyn’s absence.

However, Briana’s claims did not sit well with Kailyn who took to Instagram to clear the air.

Moms Under Pressure! | Teen Mom 2 Official Trailer

Moms Under Pressure! | Teen Mom 2 Official Trailer

Why was Kailyn Lowry cut from MTV’s Teen Mom 2?

Briana claimed that Kailyn’s parts were cut from the show because she refused to film her arrest.

Kailyn from Teen Mom was arrested back in September 2020 after the drama between her and her ex Chris escalated. She had allegedly punched Chris for cutting off their oldest son’s hair.

The Teen Mom star was arrested for offensive touching, but she denied that between her and Chris had ever turned physical to the police.

Briana’s claims caused much displeasure to both Kailyn and Teen Mom 2 castmate Ashely Siren.

Kailyn took to her Instagram stories to clear the air around her absence from the Tuesday, June 8 episode.

Kailyn Lowry reveals the reason of her absence!

The reality star revealed that she had chosen to stay out the June 8 episode. Explaining the reason behind her decision she said that the content that was asked for was not authentic to who she is.

She also said that she did not wish to create a storyline out of her ex-Chris, Javi, because they were not a part of her life as much.

The MTV star also said that the show would make it look like Chris was still a part of her life, but it wasn’t true.

Dishing out more details about the situation as well as being arrested, Kailyn from Teen Mom 2 said, the producers weren’t interested in filming about her business and kids.


She revealed despite, being told that she would be in all episodes of the season, she was cut off from the June 8 one.

Kailyn also said that she refused to film the arrest which made the show cut her off from the recent episode.

Making the reason behind her decision even more clear, she said,” I am making more money from my business and podcast (Baby Mamas no drama) than from an episode of Teen Mom.”

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She further clarified that her not being on the show had nothing to do with Brianna and Jade.

Kailyn stated that she chose her peace of mind over a paycheque.

She stated that she will only film the things that are genuine to her and stay out of episodes that demand otherwise.

Hinting to Brianna’s statements, Kailyn finally said she didn’t want to let someone who has no hand in the editing process controlling the narrative of her absence from the show.

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Is Kailyn Lowry fired from Teen Mom?

In her latest Instagram stories from today, June 9, Kailyn has not stated that she has been fired from the show.

Teen Mom 2 creators haven’t hinted that the cast member would be fired from the show either.

Hence, those who are wondering if Kailyn was leaving Teen Mom, can rest knowing that she was cut only from one episode.

Kailyn revealed in her Instagram stories that she will be in all other episodes this season.

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